Short Burst Writing

Choose three specific things to focus on.
Use interesting adjectives, verbs and adverbs.
Think of different ways to start each sentence.
Extend your sentences by including a simile or adverbial phrase.
Don’t use your first idea.
Impress each other!football

Ufton Court

Short Burst Writing

Choose three specific things to focus on.
Use interesting adjectives, verbs and adverbs.
Think of different ways to start each sentence.
Extend your sentences by including a simile or adverbial phrase.
Don’t use your first idea.
Impress each other!


Reading Challenge Winners


These children, along with their team, won this term’s reading challenge by reading the most. As a reward, the winners were given vouchers for Toys R’Us!

Reading Challenge Update


A trip down memory lane…

Short Burst Writing

Choose three specific things to focus on.
Use interesting adjectives, verbs and adverbs.
Think of different ways to start each sentence.
Extend your sentences by including a simile or adverbial phrase.
Don’t use your first idea.
Impress each other!landscape

Cover it Live

Live Blog Year 5 Torquay to Reading

Michael Morpurgo

Michael Morpurgo has a lot of fantastic books. In born to run a boy called Patrick found puppy’s in a bin bag on a lake. And there is another story in born to run and its called Brighteyes be fast and there is a girl called Becky.And when one of her dogs ran of two people caught him and put him in the back of the grey Land Rover.

reading challenge- Week 1

Reading Challenge Temp

Landmarks of Reading

Happy Birthday Mr Madejeski!!!

For our topic this year, we are researching Reading and the great people who have shaped our fantastic town to the way it is today.

As well as looking to the past, we are looking to the present and future to learn more about the influential people who are working tirelessly to help make our home a better place to live.

Happy Birthday Mr Madejeski from Year 5 from The Ridgeway Primary School on Vimeo.

Short burst writing

What is it doing?
Choose three specific things to focus on.
Use interesting adjectives, verbs and adverbs.
Think of different ways to start each sentence.
Extend your sentences by including a simile or adverbial phrase.
Don’t use your first idea.
Impress each other!

Biscuit Survey

Short Burst Writing – Fantastical Places

Choose an interesting type of place then think of an unusual and creative noun. For extra creativity, you may want to include an adjective before the noun. Use the structure below.

In the place of adjective noun,

Where noun verb adverb simile,

And noun verb adverb simile.


Artwork exploring fear


Performance Poetry

Year 5 Performance Poetry from The Ridgeway Primary School on Vimeo.

Year 5 Performance Poetry from The Ridgeway Primary School on Vimeo.

Year 5 Performance Poetry from The Ridgeway Primary School on Vimeo.

Year 5 Performance Poetry from The Ridgeway Primary School on Vimeo.

Year 5 Performance Poetry from The Ridgeway Primary School on Vimeo.

Year 5 Performance Poetry from The Ridgeway Primary School on Vimeo.

Year 5 Performance Poetry from The Ridgeway Primary School on Vimeo.

Year 5 Performance Poetry from The Ridgeway Primary School on Vimeo.

Short Burst Writing

Describe what you can see below.

Choose three specific things to focus on.
Use interesting adjectives, verbs and adverbs.
Think of different ways to start each sentence.
Extend your sentences by including a simile or adverbial phrase.
Don’t use your first idea.
Impress each other!


the kidnappers

“GET HIM” I heard someone below loudly whilst marching up the stairs with a double barrel shotgun. Terrified, I hid inside a rusty antique cooker trying to control my heart rate. My arms were frozen with fear. It was as cold as Antarctica. Would I get out alive?

Suddenly the door was shot down by his wreck less gun. The room began to flicker in its flashlight held by a vicious shadow, with a mask, seeking us out. petrified to move, my were shaking like a rapid fire gun from wwII (world war 2). With a huge sigh of relief, I could see the  shadow moving away.  Whilst trying to get the cobwebs out of my hair, I tried to remember how I got into this mess.

It had only been half an hour ago, when my uncle sent me to the shop to get myself a snack for school tomorrow. While I was waiting at the pedestrian crossing, I heard it. There was a scream on the other side of the road. There was a man looking for a terrified boy. Without a doubt, I snuck in through an old fire exit to take a further look. He told me he was the presidents son,bob, and the ramson.

So there I was, hiding inside an old cooker trying to rescue bob. As I slowly crept out of the cooker I could see the fear on his face. Using the curtains to make a rope, we safely lowered ourselves down. Without a warning, the rope was ripping and bob was still at the top. 30 seconds later and it was hanging by a thread. Then it broke. I stopped breathing. heart rate heightening. and somehow I caught him.

Fifteen tiring minutes later, and I was back at my uncles. “put your snack in your bag” said my uncle. ” Don’t have a snack” I said he saw bob. 2 hours later and his dad arrived in a black limo zine.  I was rewarded with a TV interview and £500,000.

The rotten thief

“Kill that filthy brat!” I yelled furiously whilst swiping my rusty dagger with one fluid motion. I bolted upstairs like a famished cheetah chasing it’s weak prey.

Getting the boy by surprise, I booted the door straight down and entered. With my dagger leading the way, I entered the empty room. The boy was obviously hiding for sure. I flickered on my heavy torch, scanning all the empty corners and prayed that he did not escape my house with all my precious items. As I sighed in despair, I remembered how I got into this mess.

It had only been 10 minutes ago when the brat was searching my cupboards taking everything there was. I saw him resetting my amazing IPhone. I glared at him for intimidation but he tried to run away so I quickly bolted after him.

So there I was, robbed by a rugrat. It was silly but devastating. He obviously escaped me. I scanned all the other looted rooms and prayed this was just a bad dream but this was no dream, this was real.

Breathless, I furiously punched the solid walls in despair. I called my family, telling them the bad news. They told me it was ok and they will help me save up to buy my stuff back. After a hour or two, they took me to a fancy restaurant and we forgot about the robbery.

Dark prison- by Yasameen

Someone was stomping up the stairs  like a vicious dinosaur. petrified I scrambled in side a decrepit wardrobe. I could feel my heart thumping like a Maya music. I could feel my legs shivering and sweating . Would I ever get hurt?

Silently, the neglected door opened and someone tiptoed in  I saw a bright light switch on. Calmly, the light switched off. Like a blanket the dark covered the light. As we clambered out of the window and slithered down the mouldy roof I was only trying to remember how I got into such a mess?

It had only ben half an hour ago, when mum sent me out to get her some cat food for her poor cat. When I was waiting to cross the road, I saw a car with a trapped girl inside. By following the car into the house I entered in to take a closer look.

So there I was hiding next to a dark prison trying to rescue a kidnapped girl. She just finished telling me that she is the British queen’s daughter and when the kidnappers moved her to a safe house. In the same car I saw!

When I reached at our house , my mum’s cat was desperately hungry “were is the cat food” my mum asked . the next moment dad came and took us all for a huge meal and I asked for a newspaper and I was a hero! Every one started taking pictures and flashes for me as a hero I still can’t believe I did it.

By Yasameen

The fun fair fear

Sitting in the sweaty seat my heart pounded. Hoping this was the last round but it wasn’t I had 5 more rounds to go. I glanced at my friends dad thinking how angry my mum would be at me because I went to the fun fair?

At that moment, the seat went flying  up and then it went upside down I felt as if I were about to be sick. My fear grew bigger and bigger. By this time my head was pouring with sweat while I tried to think how I got Into such a mess.

It had only been 5 hours ago when mum had sent me to get some milk from the shops. I desided to take  a shortcut through Bralty street where my friend Ayshah when her door opend.

She came out and saw me so she asked “Do you want to come to the fun fair with me and my dad ?” I had no choice to say but to say “Yes.” And that was the moment it all started.

And here I am on a life threatening ride. Finally I got off that horrible ride and ran all the way home. Mum was pretty angry when she heard where I’ve been. And then mum asked “Wheres my milk Katy ?” I didn’t ansar instead I ran up the stairs to my bedroom.





“Get her” I heard someone coming up the stairs, like wild rhinos about to demolish a boulder. I hid behind a wardrobe, trying to be dead silent my face soaked with fear. would I ever make it out alive?

The door slowly opened. a light flickered on and stabbed the darkness just then I realized that it was trying to search me out, a few moments later the light was gone it felt like someone was still there. A minute later the door shut. I tried to remember how I got into this mess.

It had only bin thirty minutes ago, when my uncle sent me to the shop to buy green apples and strict, orders not to get the red ones. He hatted those on I always said it was the same. On my way home there was a terrible scream coming from the end of the park. I ran there and got in through a small hole in the back.

So that’s how it happened, I was in a old house hiding behind a wardrobe. there was strange noises coming from behind a door. I opened it slowly. There was a girl behind it, she thanked me and told me she was the presidents daughter Lizze Jones and about the ransom money. We searched for tools for our escape I found a key and there was a locked cabinet I opened it and there was rope we scaled down.

Ten exhausting minutes later, we arrived at my uncle house “Where is my change” he said whilst eying Lizze.After a while Lizzes dad arrived he explained what happened and the next day I was on the news as a hero.

Air Borne

I was in a lambo inside jumbo jet. Beep! I had arrived. With great courage, I drove backwards off the jet. I was coming in fast! I quickly activated the parachute. Clang! I had finally landed safely on the road. I saw the enemy tank ahead. Luckily my dad had modified his Lamborghini to do wheelies. So I courageously wheeled on to the tank. I was on! I slowly slithered out of the lambo. I gripped the handle bars of the tank . Then with great momentum I swung into the tank.

I tried to remember how I got into this commotion. It had all started when I got a call from my dad saying he was a government spy. At first I didn’t believe him it was when the jumbo jet arrived that I knew it was true. They told me to bring my dads lambo. Fortunately my dad taught me to drive. 10 minutes later… Beep it was time to go…

So that’s how it happened, I saw  mini gun I picked it up and hid it behind my back. Just then I saw a crook he had a knife  I took out my mini gun and he dropped the Knife and started begging. “Please don’t hurt me I know where your dad is!” he said giving me a key. straight then left, now please don’t hurt me!” I  immediately ran to my dad and  freed him.

” Dad where have you been?” I said running out of the tank and climbing into the lambo. Vrm! Vrm !Vrm ! Oh no we were cornered on the edge of  a cliff. We reversed off the cliff. Just in time the jet arrived. we flown of. ” Argh!!!!! get him!!!” the commando roared.

The next week we were in the paper. And continued doing our hero stuff so by!!!!!!!!


by bryan

Billy and James

“Get them!” I heard somebody screaming devilishly whilst storming up the stairs like a speed of lightning. Rapidly, I scrambled behind a dusty chest trying to calm my breathing. My legs were shaking and they couldn’t stop. Would I ever get caught?

Unfortunately, the decrepit door had been kicked down. The room began to glow by a lantern light held by a vague shape. The lantern light pointed into my direction searching my flesh out. I could feel my heart beating like a herd of elephants. Whilst my heart was beating slowly, I let out an enormous sigh and I could see a light fading away. When I got all the dust of my hair, I tried to remember how I got into such a terrible disaster.

It had only been an hour ago when my dad had sent me to the shop to get some flour. While I was waiting to cross the road, I saw it. There was a frightened face in the window mouthing a and the word was ‘HELP’. So I came in through a smashed window to take a closer look.

So there I was hiding behind a dusty chest  trying to save the trapped hostage. As I crept out of the room, I glimpsed through a cracked hole on the chest and spotted a boy screaming for help. He told me he was related to royalty and there was a ransom on his head. Using our cunning intelligence, we tied up the curtains to lower ourselves down. I can’t believe we did it.

Ten tiresome minutes, we arrived safely at dad’s house. Standing in the kitchen with the ingredients he needs. My dad declared “Oi! where’s my baking flour?!” dad questioned.” I am very sorry but it’s my fault. Your son has saved my life from some nasty horrible people” James the royalty boy answered, stepping slowly forward to my dad. A few seconds later, the Royals Rolls Royce appeared  with a guard standing beside the car and they gave me a badge of honour. I was the worlds new hero.


There was once a boy named James. He had his own little treehouse. One day, James saw an old, dusty, small box so he opened the box and saw a golden key, he took the key  out from the box…

He was in a strange and wonderful world, full of flowers and also the humans were all made out of FLOWERS!!! He was surprised and he loved the smell of the flowers.

He made a lot of things from the beautiful flowers, he also made two friends in his age, they played, they talked, they made a lot of things together, James had a wonderful time in the flower world .

But little did he know, he was trapped and his friends had to go to their home and he was all alone. He tried his best to find the golden magical key but he couldn’t.

Then he saw a twinkling golden flower and inside it, it was the golden magical key. He was very happy.

Then suddenly, he returned back home safely and directly rushed to his mother and said” I really miss you mom” while hugging her. ” Ok? I miss you too” said his mom shockingly and unexpectedly. He had the most adventurous day in his whole life.


The neglected house

“Get that rat !” screamed my kidnappers whilst stomping  up the stairs like a firce lion. Petrified, I hid behind some  curtains hoping they woulnt find me. Trying to stop my hands from shaking I ran under a table because they was heading my way.Would I live or would I die?


Suddenly, the door slammed shut and the foot steps klicked  back down the stairs . Trying to remember  why I had to take the short cut on the way to school.


It was precisely fifteen minutes ago when mum sent me  to the shop with £3 to buy some milk . While I was wating to cross  the road. I saw a frightend little girl sat under a table with sweat poring down her face. I went to go and see if she was okay.


So there I was rescuing a kidnaped girl from getting hurt. She told me thatl she was princess Ruby ( The  queens daughter )  SO we opened the window and tied all the blankets we could find together then threw them out of the window then  we threw sofa cushions on top. As we jumped out  of the  window we heard the kidnapers again.


10 minutes later, we was at my house . ” so Harry where’s my milk , I’ve been waiting for breakfast!”  Mum announced angrily . Just then she noticed Princess Ruby ” Im sorry  your majesty”


5 minutes  later , the Queen apeard in a landrover with blaked out windows and gave me the bage of bravery and let me come and live  in the castle with her and princess Ruby.

The test Subject

I was in the illuminati’s lab pretending I had kicked my football in the hole in the blue roof. They said I could get it. What was I thinking?

Still inside the mind blowing lab, one of the workers ,that had goggles on, was coming up the stairs I hid in a room. Why was he pulling a switch?

It had only been twenty minutes ago, that my mum had sent me to go get some tea bags on the way I saw the illuminati’s lab. That’s how I got in.

The worker had just left the room so I got out my phone and took some pictures so I could tell the police. I was just about to go through the door but. It was locked.

I found a paper clip in my back pocket so I used it on the lock. I was shocked when  I saw what was happening. The were testing on defenceless monkeys.

When I got back home I told my mum and she called the police. The next day I was kindly rewarded with £20,ooo. I was a. Hero.

The hero

‘’GET HER’’ someone shouted so Teonie  was hiding under the bed. Teonie heard the door trying to screech open but the footsteps became louder and louder.

A moment later, the door got kicked down and the torch flicked on as the man glared suspiciously. Teonie’s heart felt like it skipped a beat.

It had only been six minutes later when mum had sent Teonie to the shop to get some juice somebody screamed so Teonie dropped the juice and went to see what was going on.

So there Teonie was, hiding under the bed trying to rescue the girl. As Teonie crept like a mouse she peeked to see if the girl has gone. But she wasn’t she told Teonie she was the kings daughter and about the money.

Sixty minutes later, we arrived at Teonie’s mums house. ”So Teonie were is my juice” her mum said  ”I am so sorry mum I just had to save a girl from danger.” A moment later a car pulled up.

It was the king ”dad this girl saved my life” said the girl.

After that, her dad took us all out for a treat and the king gave me a badge that said hero on it but it was so shiny.

So now Teonie is a special hero and we got to watch Teonie saving the kings daughter from the beginning.

And that is how Teonie  became a hero.

The kidnappers

Where is he?” shouted the kidnapper Callum and Casey zoomed into the broken wardrobe.Suddenly, the kidnappers booted the door down. Without a sound, the kidnappers crept in.

It was only half an  hour ago when sent me to the shop to get some tea bags. O the way to the shops I took a short cut that’s were I saw him. I broke through the back. “I’m the son of Ronaldo.” There we were dangling from the guttering sliding down the I reached the ground we sprinted home. “I see you got my tea bags”. said mum in a sarcastic voice and rolling her eyes. Ten minutes later Ronaldo arrived he thanked us by giving us 10,ooo pounds and a big diner. Later that night, I was a hero in the news paper.



bubble gum

One bubbly day, I was happily bouncing on the jelly like a cockroach trying to jump to space while he was bouncing, he got a message from princess bubble lady.


The letter said “Help me a terrible going to happen!!!!!!!!!! Came to the fire place and save me!! See ya” from princess bubble lady.


So I ran as fast as a cheater to the fire place to save the princess bubble lady I remembered how I got into such a situation so I checked if I’m even going the right way.


So there I was trying to rescue a bubble gum princess I finally found her she told my she has some money for me because I recued her.

We had to smash the lava widows and then we got home.

Finally she gave me lots of money and diamonds then she left to her castle and I will never forget this moment.



The old house

“Catch her!” The dangerous man demanded furiously, whilst stomping around the castle like a lion. My legs were shaking and sweat pored down my head. What did I do to deserve this nightmare !

All of a sudden , the decrepit door was smashed down. The light glow  on me . The torch was held by a strange shadow. Terrified to move a bone , my hart beated as fast as a woodpecker. With a sigh of relief , the light slowly disappeared.  While I was trying not to make a sound , I was trying to remember how I got into this disaster in the first place.

It had only been 45 minutes ago when mum had sent me to nans to get a mothers day present for her . While I was waiting for the cars to go past , I saw it . A girl hiding from a huge man, she  mouthed a word and the word was HELP. I went over there to take a further look at what was happing .

So there I was, hiding behind a silver vast statue trying to save a terrified little girls. As I tiptoed quietly out of the room, I looked through a little hole in the door , She was curled up into a curler ball hid behind a wooden chair . She told me that she was the princesses daughter Lizzy and about the ransom on her head . Using our cunning minds , we carefully crept down stairs and quickly  crawled through a hidden tunnel and ran into the woods . I cant believe I just did that.

3o tiring minutes later, we arrived at mums. “So Amy, were the present , I’ve been waiting for ages “mum said “I’m sorry its my fault your amazing daughter saved me from some bad guys. “Lizzy replied. 15 minutes later, Lizzy’s mum arrived in a posh car and thanked Amy. She awarded her with the badge of honer . The next day , there I was on the news . A HERO !


By Amy mcdonnell


“Get him!” I heard someone shout from a distance I hid because I thought they were going to come here so I hid under an old bed. Would I ever get out? I was shaking.

Suddenly, the door slowly opened, I could here footsteps coming closer and closer. I could see someone looking around for me. I could feel myself sweating, the door closed and I saw him leave. I said to myself “how did I get into such a situation?”

It had only been 30 minutes ago when mum told me to go to the shops to get some bread to make some breakfast. When I walked to the shops it was then when I saw it. It was then when I wanted to go home but I could not because someone was behind me.

So there I was, hiding under a bed trying to escape but I was trying to save the trapped girl but I was to scared. I had no choice. I looked through a tiny keyhole. I saw her.  “i cant belive I did it, I was so brave.” I said to myself, my parents were not happy with me.

20 minutes later, I rescued her I took her back home and then again I went back to the shops, bought the bread, went safely back home and lived happily ever after.

A girl who turned into a hero- by Megan

“Lets asks her where she is from or she wouldn’t get out!” I heard someone screech whilst charging upstairs angrily. Petrified, I hid inside an antique cupboard. Trying to stop my breathing. My legs were shaking.


Suddenly, the rusty decrepit door was kicked down. I saw something flicker in the candlelight held by a shadow. Terrified, to move my hear was thumping like a bass drum. With a sigh of relief I could see the light move further away.


It had been half an hour ago, when my sister told me to go home from my friends. While I was waiting for the green man at the pedestrian crossing I saw it a girl mouthing a word and the word was HELP.


That’s how it happened I sneakily went through a broken door and found her. She only just finished telling me that she is related to royalty and about the ransom money.


30 minutes later, I got home from my friends disappointingly . My mum said” why were you late Leah? Why are you in such a mess?” Whilst eyeing me suspiciously. The next hour Leah’s dad arrived and took us all for a big meal. A hero.

By Megan

The Mayas Artwork

Short Burst Writing

Describe what you can see below.

What is it doing?
Choose three specific things to focus on.
Use interesting adjectives, verbs and adverbs.
Think of different ways to start each sentence.
Extend your sentences by including a simile or adverbial phrase.
Don’t use your first idea.
Impress each other!


Year 5 class assembly

Kidnapped Poetry

Imagine you have been kidnapped like Cindy Breakwell in our model text. Write a poem about how you feel, describing the setting and what you would do to be freed.

Use similes, metaphors, personification, descriptive language and most of all; try to impress each other!

short burst kidnapped

Writing with other schools

Live Blog Park Lane/Ridgeway


Short Burst Writing

Describe what you can see below.

What is the person/object doing?
Choose three specific things to focus on.
Use interesting adjectives, verbs and adverbs.
Think of different ways to start each sentence.
Extend your sentences by including a simile or adverbial phrase.
Don’t use your first idea.
Impress each other!


Help Save Julie

Live Blog Help Save Julie

Persuasive letter

Mrs Cosgrove
The Ridgeway Primary School

Dear Mrs Cosgrove,

I am writing to you about a lovely trip to  Ufton Court and it will be so amazing where we could play.
Everyone in year5 believe that you are the best head teacher and all know if there was a competition for best head teacher, you would win hands-down. And we thank you for shining you wisdom on us.

I’m sure that you have noticed with your fantastic eyes that year 5 have been working so hard. We deserve a tremendous treat for are lovely efforts. Sadly, we are so tired over writing and we just need  some time off so we can write more work soon. Also, we would have learnt to be more independent and boost our mental skill.

A trip to Ufton Court would be the most mind-boggling, exciting and extraordinary trip in our lives !  If you let us  go to Ufton Court, it would be like riding the rainbow! And we’d be forever in your debt.

How would you feel by making year 5 the happiest class on the earth?. Forever in your peace if you could let us go to Ufton Court.

Thank you for spending some of your precious  time to read this letter.

Your sincerely,

Bryan & Destiny

Persuasive Letter

Mrs Cosgrove
The Ridgeway primary school
Dear Mrs Cosgrove,
The reason for this letter is to request for year 5 to have a possible trip to Ufton court.
Everyone agrees that you are the best Head teacher we ever had at the Ridgeway and the whole world  begs for you thank you for shining your wisdom upon us.

I’m sure you have noticed with your keen eyes that we have been working incredibly hard and deserve a reward for are tremendous efforts. Although we are getting  tired for working so hard and we need a boost so we can produce more work.

If you let us go to Ufton Court we will be as happy as the winner of the world cup  and it would get us ready for the next term we would also be forever in your dept.

how would you fell about making year 5 the most happiest, greatfulist and most proudest class in the world?I hope you will carefully consider our request.

Thank you for your time to read my letter.

yours sincerely

Arthur and Kyran

Ufton court letter

Mrs Cosgrove
The Ridgeway Primary School

Dear Mrs Cosgrove,

The reason for this letter is for a possible trip to Ufton Court.

Year 5 have been working exceptionally hard and the other schools wish that you were their head teacher and thank you for  shining your wisdom on us.

I’m sure you have  nosiest that we have worked exceptionally hard exceptionally in litecy. moreover. we are now getting tired and need a boost.

If you let us go to Ufton Court we be thrilled and be forever in your dept.

How would you feel if you had the best proudest Year 5 ?I hope you will carefully consider.


your sincerely,

Shanade,Devonta, Fatima.




Persuasive letter

Mrs Cosgrove
The Ridgway Primary School

Dear Mrs Cosgrove,

I hope I am not disturbing you while you are working so hard for our future but we can’t stop thinking that we might not be able to go to ufton court.

every one in the whole world agrees that you are the kindest head teacher in the whole world. Other schools longed to have you as there head teacher and that we are the luckiest school in England.

If you let us go to ufton court we would have so much to write about in literacy. Another reason is some teachers have a struggle planning are lessons so if we went to uften court they would have more time to plan our lessons. And last but not least if we went to ufton court, we would do any thing for you and respect you more.

Also if we went to ufton court, we would be as happy as getting a unicorn so please could you think about letting us go to ufton court.

Adding on, wouldn’t you love to make your year 5 the happiest class in the whole universe?

Thank you so much for reading this important letter.

your sincerely

From Ola and Kye

Persuasive letter

Mrs Cosgrove
The Ridgeway Primary School

Dear Mrs Cosgrove,

I hope you don’t mind me writing. I don’t know how you will react after this letter. Please can we have a fabulous trip to Ufton Court?

Everyone in Year 5 know you are the most pretty and wonderful Head teacher in the whole world. We would be the happiest class Year 5 in Reading. If we are allowed to go to Ufton Court we will won’t to play outside more. Also, we will have more things to do outside.

I’m sure that you have noticit that year 5 has been working exceptionally hard this year especially in literacy .however ,we are now tiered and need a rest to the end of term. going to Ufton court will be the perfect solution.  

If you let us have a trip we will love you forever so please please please!!! Can we go to Ufton Court. Just the sensible ones not the silly and if you do we wiould beas estatick and overjoyed as a person just being chased by a wolf  and has not been eaten.So please with a cherry on top.

Thank you for reading my letter .

your sincerely


Persuasive Letter

Mrs Cosgrove
The Ridgeway Primary school
RG2  7EL 

Dear Mrs Cosgrove,

I hope you don’t mind me writing to you about a  possible trip  for year 5 to go to Ufton Court .

Everyone in year 5 agrees that you are the kindest Hadteacher we have ever met and you do everything in your power to keep this school healthy .

I’m sure you have noticed with your keen eyes that everyone loves your ides and things you do especially year 5 and we need a rest . A trip to Ufton Court would  be the perfect solution .

When we get back, we would have so much to write about . I know that if you agreed to this, it will be happiest day of are whole lives.

How would you  feel about making year 5 the most happiest, proudest and most grateful class in the whole of Reading .


Thank you for reading my letter .


Yours sincerely


                                                                                                                 Ruby and Leanna    

Persuasive Letter- By Megan and Jouad

Mrs Cosgrove
The Ridgeway Primary School

Dear Mrs Cosgrove,
I am writing this letter to you about a possible trip to Ufton Court.

You know that Year 5 have been working extra hard this year, and they are so tired so they need something to give them a boost and Year 5 agree you kindest headteacher.

If we could be able to go to Ufton Court I will be excited and I think Year 5 will.

At Ufton Court we might do low ropes, canoeing. going to the lake to catch crayfish and much more. We should go Ufton Court because we done so much hard work and we are all now tired.

Ufton Court will be the perfect place to go and we will have so much fun there. So please let us go to Ufton Court. Thank you for reading my letter.

Your Sincerely


Megan and Jouad



Persuasive Letter

Mrs Cosgrove
The Ridgeway Primary School

Dear Mrs Cosgrove,

The reason for this letter is to kindly request that Year 5 should have a possible trip to Ufton Court.

Every child in Year 5 agrees that you are the most wonderful Head teacher in Reading and thank you for shining your unmanageable wisdom on us.

I’m sure you have noticed with your keen eyes that we have been working exceptionally hard and deserve a relaxing reward for our outstanding effort. Moreover,  we are getting tired from working very hard and need a rest in order to produce more work before its the start of half term.

If you allowed us to go on a trip, we would feel as delighted as the richest man alive and forever in your debt. We would feel like the luckiest class in the whole Galaxy!

How would you feel about making Year 5 the happiest, proudest and most grateful class in the whole universe? I hope you will decide carefully our modest request.

Thank you for taking time to read my letter.

Yours sincerely

Zain and KiAi


Persuasive Letter

Mrs Cosgrove
The Ridgeway Primary School

Dear Mrs Cosgrove,

I am writing to you for a possible trip for Year 5 to Ufton Court.

Just to let you know that Year 5 had worked exceptionally hard in school especially in Literacy, and now we are really tired of doing so much work.

If you let us go Ufton Court we would remember you forever. And it would be the proudest spectacular day in Year 5. So do you want your Year 5 to be the luckiest and most greatfull class in the whole world then please let us go to Ufton Court.

Thank you for reading my letter and hopefully you will let us go to Ufton Court.

Your Sincerely,

Hannah and Malaika



Persuasive Letter

Mrs Cosgrove                                                                                                                                                       The ridgeway primary school                                                                                                                      Reading                                                                                                                                                                    Berkshire                                                                                                                                                                   RG2 7EL

Dear Mrs Cosgrove

I hope you don’t mind me writing to you about a possible trip for year 5 to go to the outstanding Ufton court.

Everyone in year 5 all agrees that you are the most kindest and caring headteacher we have ever had and other schools have longed for an amazing headteacher like you.

I’m sure you have noticed with your keen eyes that year 5 have worked extremely hard and deserve an exciting reward. A trip to ufton court would be the perfect solution! Plus something hard to work towards.

If you please except our request we will be over the moon and forever in your debt.

Thank you for your time.
yours Sincerely Raheem and Aj

Aztec Creation Myth

Aztec Creation Myth from The Ridgeway Primary School on Vimeo.

Maya Influenced Music

Maya Influenced Music from The Ridgeway Primary School on Vimeo.

Short Burst Writing

Describe what you can see below.

  1. What is it doing?
  2. Choose three specific things to focus on.
  3. Use interesting adjectives, verbs and adverbs.
  4. Think of different ways to start each sentence.
  5. Extend your sentences by including a simile or adverbial phrase.
  6. Don’t use your first idea.
  7. Impress each other!

Science Experiment – Reversible or Irreversible changes

The Attic

It was a dark and stormy night, James was at his grandma’s house because his parents had been out ballroom dancing.

He lay there hunched in his tiny bed All was quiet in James’ room James knew if anything happened he could call his grandma, or so he thought… He thought he was safe but was he?

The storm got even worse, the thunder came down like the blade in a beheading. James heard a creek he began to get worried. Was he really safe?

James heard another creek this time louder  the second time round. It was coming from the attic. He silently got out and thrust  the torch into his hand. He slowly climbed the ladder to the attic. Would he find what it was?

James heard another creek he almost jumped out of his skin. What was it?

Overcome with curiosity he trembled to turn the torch on Then he shone it in every direction. He didn’t see anything. He didn’t see anything. Just as he was going back to bed, he saw it…

Spooks forest

One gloomy evening, Avery was sent to go and buy some milk from the shops. When she was walking home it started to rain a little. So Avery had to sprint home as fast as a cheater. Can she get home before the rain gets worse?

At that moment, Avery ran home and slammed the door the she ran into the kitchen  to give the milk to her mum. Mum asked Avery “What took you so long to get here” Afraid Avery did not anser. When the door bell rang…

Fatima and the vanpair

It was mid night and I was scared the moon light cast spooky shadow where was everyone?


with out a second warning the wind holed like a suspicious wolf Fatima find a vanpair were did it come from?


Thoughthestly Fatima backed away from the vanpair she new it would eat her up?


At that moment her eyes open widly with fear. A shot of panic struk Fatima as she saw the thing.

What did she says?



The shadow

One dark foggy night, a grown up man called Steven was walking back from his boring work. As always he was walking through a mysterious ally were the lights wouldn’t turn on and the houses were wrecked surprisingly he was not scared because he had to do that every day but to day it seemed different. Was some one there?

Thoughtfully, Steven started to speed  walk. At that moment, he heard a strange noise that he ha never heard before but the worst part was that he saw a humongous shadow behind him. His hands were shaking. Was he save?

Without thinking, he sprinted towards  the nearest destroyed house and hid behind it. Steven had a weird feeling that he had never experienced before. What was it?

Suddenly, he saw the same exacted shadow coming closer and closer Steven was shivering. He covered his eyes like something terrible  was going to happen to him. Was he alone?

It seemed the weather got mad. The rain poured angrily even more every second. He felt tingles running up and down his spine. Steven could not take it any longer he bolted back home. As he was walking back home very tired Steven saw the shadow running towards him without even him knowing till it came write in front of him it was just a ordinary cat he quickly pated it and carried on while he was walking he heard running he turned around and saw…

By Ola

The strange noises

On a stormy night, Keya was waiting for a bus. Unfortunately, she was just out partying. She was soaking wet. She felt as if she was going to be sick. She, rapidly, trudged over to a glistening drain.

She was absolutely fine after that , but the weather was getting worse. She was as cold as an ice cube. Keya was shoved off of her feet. Suddenly, Keya heard a really strange. She freaked out .Who could it be?

All of a sudden, Keya heard a really strange noise different to all of the others. She stood back to see if all of the noises would stop. They did not. Would they ever stop?

Keya , quickly, backed away. She was petrified. Keya went to look at the time table was an hour. What was she going to do?

Carefully, Keya stood back to were she was standing. She could not bear it no longer .Keya walked off over to the noises she saw what it was .what was it?


 THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yasameen and the witch

Last night, thunder raged over head. Yasameen playing her favorout game in the dark park. A light breez fulled the air.Yasameen shevered who could sh get home in the rain?

At that momen, Yasameen  heared some foot steps creaping up on herheden by shadow in the darkness.And saw a erple eyes blinking . yasameen’s har peated who is it?

crazily, Yasameen scarryed behind a creepy treeand croched as a freezing ice stachue in the cold wet  rode.

sloly,the creapy witch had flloed her closer and closer. She coled see her creapy hat moving. Had she saw her.

with out a second worning , Yasameen could bear it no longer she leped over a gate and then the witch had disapered Yasameen was alone and thinks she is save but for now…


The big box

That foggy dark dusk, it was silent at the night shift of fnaf (Five Nights At Freddy’s). Ruby sat on the night guards chair chomping on a burger. The only sound was the chamming of Ruby munching on her cheese burger. Was this a proper job or not?

The clock struck 12:00pm. Ruby jumped out of her skin as if she was a tiger’s prey being hunted down.  When Ruby changed her camera to number 3. she saw something. It was an intimidating box which was strangely big. why was it there?

Alarmed, Ruby slammed no:4 down in fear and her hand was shacking like she was being circled by shark’s. She stared at chica ( a chicken) then took another bite of a burger. The box left her with a curious feeling.

Just then, she turnt around because she heared a noise. It was  There. luckily she managed to hold her scream in. She  her heart pumping like a drum. was it coming for her.

Terrified of th box,ruby got up as slow as a sloth and strolled as slow as the slowest thing in the world. She was alone with the box. I think the fear gone as she yanked the lid off. INSIDE SHE SAW…



The Box by by Naishaun

Late that night the air was as still as a poor ancient man with his teeth falling out, Jay was walking home with his girlfriend. It was poring with rain. When would they get home?

While they were walking , they heard a bin fall over. They carried on walking then heard something being placed down on the floor. It was scary.

Jay and his girlfriend, hid behind a ancient, crooked fence. They saw a familiar box 10 years ago. Was they dreaming?

Panicking, Jay  kicked the creepy box and then turned around. It was there. They, darted to a old shed and at the back of it. The intimidating box stared at them.

Jay, bolted to the box he picked it up. For ten minuets he tried to remember where he had seen it before. His fear took hold of him, Jay dropped it then picked it back up. The lid came of slowly. It was as if he was letting out satin’s rawrth on the would. He dropped the lid on the floor it was a…


The light

One night at 12  o’clock , a girl was walking home from collage . The air was still and peacefully . Lucy was here name she was about to get on a train but nobody was there . She was to late .


She was alone she went to get a tea .In the corner of here eye she saw a red light flashing in the  darkness coming closer and closer .


Suddenly , in front of here was the light . How did it get there ?


Lucy screamed . without warning thunder road over head . Lucy dash home as fast as she can . It took 2 hours to get home but she did she was safe for now.

Jakes night

Lightning struck the shimmering road, the car lights flickered as if a lion was inside roaring viciously. Where could Jake break through the gruesome weather?


Suddenly, Jake remembered he left his home work at school “I cant  leave  my home work at school its due tomorrow ill get in trouble by Mr Frost ” Jake said nervously . School was empty . How could Jake get his homework?


Just at  that moment , Jake heard a squeaking noise coming from the hallway  . Jake could  see that the  thing had ginger fur, green eyes and smells  of carrots. What could it be ?


With his heart beating , Jake ran under a table . He could smell carrots getting closer and closer to him. With fear in his hands Jake was desperate to find out what it was .


Without thinking, Jake turnt on the light and saw  what it was it was …

The girl

Late that night, Selena was all by herself in a dark and gloomy car park with no one around and she is waiting for her mum to come and pick her up but it is really quiet were she is sat quietly she said why me.

A moment later, Selena saw rain smashing down and thunder whipped down so she went and got her red umbrella from her bag. Selena saw a suspicious little girl all by herself next to no one.

Next, Selena saw the little girl getting closer and closer to her. Selena goes to another side of the car park to get away from the suspicious little girl so she sits down patiently for her mum.

A minute later, Selena sits down on a bench and right after that Selena saw the little girl right next to her again. Selena is thinking where is my mum so Selena is feeling a bit worried and frightened.

After that Selena faced her fear and tiptoed over to the little girl and peeked next to her and the little girl turned towards her and smiled and so did Selena but without a warning Selena sat a bit close to the little girl and didn’t know what to do next butb whith a strike of lightning the little girl was gone…

Zain, Aj and the Box

Along the night, the air and rain was as heavy as a tornado absorbing things into it. Zain and Aj waited for their food to eat  Zain clutched his briefcase near the tidied floor. The only sound he could hear was the frying cooker sizzling as hot as a volcano. Would he ever get to eat anything ?

Without a seconds warning, rain tumbled like stone. Thunder crashed out of nowhere. Crazily, Zain and Aj stormed into the toilets for shelter. In the corner of his eyes Zain and Aj captured a glimpse of an intimidating looking box. Zain and Aj felt sweat dripping down his back. Why was it there ?

Alarmed, Zain and Aj backed away from the box then desperately darted to the other side of the restaurant. Spying somewhere for shelter, Zain and Aj put their briefcase over their heads. The box left them with a strange and anxious feeling.

At that moment, his body quivered with fear. A shot of despair whipped Zain and Aj as they saw the thing close to them. Afraid to move a bone, he stood as still as a Mech staring at the demonic box. How did it get there ?

Afraid of the demonic box, Zain and Ajs’ fear struck their mind. His heart pounding like a rapid gun shooting a flurry of bullets, he wondered what was in the box. Filled with curiosity, Zain lifted up the lid of the box. What was it …. ?     


The Journey home

Late that night, a storm raged and wind lashed on the train station roof . She could see trees failing down in the heavy wind. Lily shivered . Would the train ever arrive ?


Without a seconds warning, rain lashed like freezing cold daggers. Thunder growled all around. Quickly, Lily ran inside the train station and sat on a bench . Suddenly, in the corrnor off her eye she spots something running around with a Wight sheet over it. It was terrofing. Tingles ran down her spine. How did it end up there ?


Thoughtlessly, Lily dashed to the other side of the train station for safety. Looking for somewhere to hide, Lily squashed her self into a curved ball. The mysterious thing left Lily with a uncomfterbal feeling. lily’s hart beeted rapidly.


At that moment, lily’s eyes opened with horror. A shot of panic hit her face like a lightning bolt. The thing suddenly appeared right next to her on the bench. She is terrified. How did it get there ?


terrified of the thing , lily’s fear got the better of her. Her hands shivered . Carefully , she lifted up the sheet as if it was the end of the world for her . Lily peeked underneath………..

The Parcel

Late that night, Blake was waiting for a bus home. Unfortunately it started to rain. The road  glistened  like a snow flake falling from the sky. Blake thought he sore someone but it was a tree. Blake found a train station so he dashed in there. When Blake sat down he realized a creepy familiar looking parasol without thinking Blake sprinted to the other platform. Blake  thought he was safe but it was there Blake’s curiosity got the better of him and he opened it. What was inside?…

The Thing

Late one night, Berry was waiting for the  train home in a patient manner when it was eerily quiet. The wind whispered and the streetlights flicked on and off. Then they dimmed strangely.


Suddenly, rain lashed down heavily so berry came in and waited inside for shelter .Then she nosiest  the doll next to her that  seemed lost. Where did it come from ?


Vague in memory, Berry moved away from the doll so somebody could  recognise it and claim it was there’s .


Happily, Berry moved to the next bench free and then she looked out the window. She looked down Berry screeched to high heven. She dashed the doll on the floor.]


Berry dashed out of the waiting room the doll was still it there. However,  when she turned aroundit was gone. Where was it ?……..


AJ and ZAIN and the monster

It was a rain day me and ZAIN was at KRC  eating a big KRC buck it  and one night it lash down at the  throut of the KRC.

me and ZAIN  sroor a  big show but it lock light a lion  but it had blue hire, green bodly  and red eyes

me and ZAIN  ran to the back of the  KRC  then we ran to a truck  and hid on  it  then me and  ZAIN  srool it was right in throut  of his we lock bat out and  did it see hous

then me and ZAIN  ran back home but wen we ran   we ran in a dead ent we ran over  the wall and ran home.


Short burst- By Megan

The proud penguins were glaring at eachover suspiciously. The penguins beak look like its looking for fish to eat. The penguins that were standing still are chatting about happy feet. The miracle penguins body was white as paper.

The Hand

Late that night, when Tom went to bed he was worried that something is going to happen tonight. When he nearly fell asleep he heard something walking up the stairs and because he was scared he got out of bed and he heard something behind him. So he quickly ran down stairs.

When Tom got down stairs he went straight to his parents room but his parents were not there. Why were they not there?

When Tom saw that his parents were not there he quickly went outside to see if his parents were outside but his parents were not there. But behind a corner he saw a Hand.

When he got back from outside he went back to his bed because he thought he was dreaming in the first place.

When his parents got back home his parents asked “where were you?” and Tom said “where were you?” but Tom found out that the Hand was Tom s mum trying to find him and his parents were gone because they were looking for Tom.

When Tom found out that it was is parents he was very glad…

At the train station- By Megan

All night, wind blew overhead. Katy shivered. She stood as still as a statue. Rain fell on to the shiny train tracks. Where could she escape from the wind?


At that moment, a storm came. Katy could hear the rain splashing on to the train tracks. Katy ran to the waiting room waiting for the train. Katy saw a box. What could it be?


Without thinking, Katy ran on to a train and sat down. Silently, Katy thought to herself I cant go near that box again. Strangely, the box appeared next to her.  How did it get there?

Quickly, Katy ran to the chair in front. Katy could hear something in the box moving. What could be in the box?


Without a blink, Katy opened the box. After, a doll jumped out of the box into Katy’s face. Katy jumped. Katy ran out of the train station. Katy was safe for now…


By Megan

The shadow of the park

Late at night, lightning struck the rusty swings. Rain flooded the park. Thomas crouched in the darkness hiding. What was he doing?

Suddenly, it stopped raining. Thomas carefully peeked around the park but then a strangely familiar shadow appeared. Who could it be?

Thoughtlessly, Thomas backed away from the shadow and desperately dived for the benches. Looking around, Thomas carefully peeked at the slides spotting the shadow glaring right at him. Thomas felt like this park would become a graveyard.

Suddenly, Thomas rubbed his eyes in disbelief. He glared at the petrifying sight of the shadow leaping closer and closer. Thomas crouched as still as stone. What could he do now?

Terrified of the shadow, the fear got the better of Thomas. He recklessly dashed as fast as he could and leapt over a bin and hoped for the best. Heart thumping, Thomas was finally safe, for now…..

The angry Azetecs and the incredible Incas

This book gives you lots of facts and it helps you with lots of things you want to know about Horrible Histories my favourite part in this book is on the front cover it says i haven’t got the heart but the boy says I have and he is covered with blood it is a Non-fiction book I would recommend this book to year 6.

Facts about Mayan Civilization- by Megan

I am going to tell you some facts about Mayan Civilization

  1. The Mayan’s lived in Mexico
  2. The most important food that the Maya ate was maize, which is a vegetable like corn. They made all types of food from maize including tortillas, porridge, and even drinks. Other staple crops included beans, squash, and chilies. For meat the Maya ate fish, deer, ducks, and turkey.
  3. Mayan women traditionally wear traje, which is a combination of a skillfully woven, multicolored blouse called a huipil of a corte, a woven wraparound skirt that reaches to the ankles, and is held together by faja (sash) at the waist
  4. Kinich Ahau was also know by the name Ah Xoc Kin, who was associated with poetry and music. The Maize god is representative of the ripe grain which was the base of the Mayan agriculture. In certain areas of Mesoamerica, like Yucatan, the Maize god is combined with the god of flora, Yumil Kaxob

I hope you learned alot about the mayan civlization

From Megan


Spring Plans


Zelda Claw Retelling

Zelda Claw from The Ridgeway Primary School on Vimeo.

Reading Buddies

Year 5 Christmas Performance

Year 5 Christmas Performance from The Ridgeway Primary School on Vimeo.


A long time ago in a cave village ,there lived a man called Alidethicos but he was really angry because of the fat troll that guarded the cave.

ps; Alideathicos had giant phoenix.


The monster had a head of a lion a body of a troll and along crodiles head for a tail. So Alideathicos went  to the great wizard Gandelf and he also was in the cave.

Then Gandelf told him where the monster weak spot is. The monsters weak spot is cake .When he  eats cake he falls asleep. Then Gandelf gave Alidethicos a cake, fire sword and glass armor that never braks .

Then Alidethicos  went up to the monster and put the cack and the monster fellasleep then Alidethicos slised the monster head of .

Then all the people rushed out like a beastthenthey had a big cack party and they all lived for the ret o there lives.



Athenos and the Muzhber

Far far  away in an untreated land called Ancient Athon ,there  lived a strong and handsome soldier called Athenos. Athenos had a greatfull family who were kidnapped by a greedy old god called Galgun. Devastatingly Athenos vowed to rescue his family and go to Mount Econ but a monster called the Muzhber guarded  this mountain.


The Muzhber lived in a lake called The lake of drowning bodies. The monster had the head of mudoosa, body of a zebra and a tail of a horse. Meny strong men had tried to beat monster but were  turned to rock by its powerfull sense. Although Athenos was a smart and strong man, he didn’t know how to kill this drowning monster. Athenos  remembered that when he was young his mother told him to go to your older sister Aferia for advice.


Immediately Athenos darted off  to his sister afiera. Aftar one week of traveling Athenos finally


Strikes and the Digarus

Just after the world was made , there was a fierce warrior called Strikes. Unfortunately, he had a job of a farmer. A couple of years ago his three brothers were killed by the Digarus . The Digarus had the head of a vicious jaguar , the body of mammoth and the tail of a bee. Strikes other brother Shaunackus told him to go to Mount Etna to find the great god Hades so Strikes set off on the journey. When he got there, Strikes pleaded Hades “please, please help me avenge my brothers exclaimed Strikes”. “Ok you have spoke you’re business clearly I will help you “.”Here,take these things diamond armour, a haven sord and an earth power!” His week spot is his stinger.” and striks set off. after many dehydrating days of travelling, strikes found him.” Come on you rotten beast !” Strikes shouted lets fight “! And every attack the beast done was blocked by the armour. Strikes  try to slash it failed and yousing the earth power. The beast was buried alive !

Your a bad man Mr Gum

Mr Gum has a really nice garden and makes up songs but he is really rude to everyone and he always makes up really weird stories. I already read one of his weird songs.

How to trap the Grand High Witch

Have you ever wanted to trap the Grand High Witch ? well look at these comprehensive instructions so if she was cursing your world then you will know what you need to trap and stop her.

what you need

A titanium cage to trap her.

A unbroken rope to tie her up.

A cage locker to locker her up.

A potion to get rid of her powers.


Firstly, find the Grand High Witch and say to her there’s a child next to the hotel. If she comes to the child then get everything you need.

Next, get the potion and trick her and say it is a little tube of water when she drinks it her powers will banish.

After, get the unbroken roper and tie her up then get the cage and push it behind her after you go in front of her and push her into  the cage then lock the cage. And that’s how you trap the Grand High Witch.


If you don’t have the things you need then the Grand High Witch will laser you or turn you into mice so make sure you have the right things you need.

Jack and the Hamer

Jack live  In a farm  one day Jack wife got kidnaped  by the hamer

. the Hamer has on big hamer what can break  your  sword   the Hamer  has 3 lion Jack. Ask his brother  how can kill the Hamer he said ask zoos.

Jack  soos  zoos   and  Jack said can you help me save. My wife   zoos said I will help you  zoos  give jack a gas mas and  a sharp sowed  Jack set out to the Hamer  home

.And Jack went  in the home of the Hamer  when jack when in  out of. No were  the hamer hit jack moved out of the way  Jack throw his  sword and it got with of it .And it kill the Hamer and Jack soor his wife.

Wife the help of his sword  he free his wife , ran home   and back home  Jack tolt  the hole vllig  and Jack  and his wife had kid. and live for ever the end

carrie-anneicious and the porsen

A long time ago in ancient Devon there lived a strong and pretty mother called Carrie-anneicious . Her daughter called keya was kidnapped by a monster called the porsen . The problem was that the monster guarded the giant dog kennel but it was were it lived and were her daughter was.

The monster is a vicious monster called the porsen. It has the head of a puppy and  a cat  as a body and the tail as a horse.

Carrie-anneicious goes to the great god Athena and she says “Fear not beautiful Carrie-anneicious just cut of its tail and it will die “and Athena gave her :a handbag with loads of equipment in it rocket  high hill  boots, and a rope.

After many hard days  of flying, Carrie-anneicious reached her destination were she would kill the evil monster. when she got there she went straight over to it whilst it was sleeping a bam it was dead not breathing not moving.

After killing the monster she flew straight off to find her daughter on the way she was shouting  “oh yea I killed that ugly monster “when she got there daughter she ran home and rung the family over . Soon after that  she had twins called keyaicious and shanadeicious with someone called Arthical.


Bricus and the Draco

In the distance of time while the world was inhabited by dragons, there was a man called bricus. bricus was a brave soldier, his parents were murdered by the beast called the Draco.

The Draco  had a  three heads of a lion, body of a hound and the legs of a cheetah. Bricus’ brother told him to go to mount Olympus to ask Zeus the king of gods for some advice.

After a couple of days, Bricus finally arrived at mount Olympus.” Please help me avenge my parents asked Bricus in a revengeful look “I, Zeus will answer you call for help.” said Zeus in a mightily voice. “The Draco’s weak spot is his legs and his head ” Zeus then gave Bricus a electro sword, to slice the beast thunder bolt to shock  and paralyze the Draco and speedy boots to match his speed. Bricus thanked Zeus and set off to find the Draco.

Long scorching days later, Bricus finally arrived at the domain of the Draco. Bricus charged so did the Draco. Bricus stopped and threw the thunder bolt the Draco got paralyzed with out a moment to waste Bricus slashed all the draco’s  three heads  and it was dead at last Bricus got his revenge he went back home and shared his tale



Olacous and the dieprow

Long ago in ancient Troy, there was a brave and strong man called olacous . Olacous had a wonderful hors called Oracous who has been kidnapped by an old man called slamous  . He had took the hors to his pales in Troy but a monster called the Dieprow has took Slamous`s pales soslamous left the hors in the pales and run away.

The Dieprow is a vicious monster with a three heads of a dog a body of a tiger and ail of a snake . olacous whent to get help from the grate god minous.

Olacous finlly reached to the grate god minous  and aske for help pleas help me save  wonderful hors from this beest  “if you cut of his poisonous tail it will sees to exest  Olacous thank minous and wehnt to face the monster

After many hard days of traviling  Olacous entered the cave with his sheld iin one hand ad his sord in the other he run for wored and chopped his poison tail and it died

Olacous run to the garden and faond his wonderful hors chaned up he gave him water and ried him on the way home.

Heghs and the scorp

Long ago in ancient Greece, there was a young  man called Heghs. Heghs was so upset because Hades, controller  of the under world, kidnapped his wife Electra  and locked her up in a place a big and ferocious monster called the scorp guarded Electra.


The scorp was a monster with a head and body of a snake and legs and tail of a scorpion. Heghs’ sitter told him to go to mount mound has to ask Athena for help.


Athena asked Heghs why he was here  “Please help me Athena. Hades ha s taken Electra!” Heghs replied

“Of course. There is a monster called the scorp grading her. His weack spot it is the head. Chop it off and it will die.” Athena told Heghs. Athena gave Heghs Diamond armour the sword of thunder and shoes strength. The shoes of strength will make you stronger then the deadly monster Heghs set off to the  volcano of doom home of the monster.

Heghs got to where the monster lived. Heghs used the shoes of strength to chop the  scorp’s head off with the sword of thunder. “Victory at last” Hegs shouted.

Heghs dashed and found Electra and Haded was angry. Finally,Heghs and Electra was never buffed again.




Joe and the Evil Reindeer

Long ago, in ancient blue world there was a City called Reading. In Reading there lived a hero called Joe, Joe had a sister called Zoe but the problem was that every day an evil Reindeer would fly around and kidnap someone but, one day the Reindeer Kidnapped Joe’s sister Zoe.

One day Joe realized that Zoe was not there, Joe knew what happened. So as quick as possible Joe ran off to another city called London to see the helpful angel. Joe begged to the angel to help him find his sister…

So the angel gave Joe a shield, Drink of happiness and shoes of swiftness. And the angel told Joe “Don’t go near the Reindeer only go near it when it’s sleeping.”

Joe immediately saw the cave with the Reindeer in it so Joe ran in and with the help of the shoes of swiftness Joe ran in every direction to confuse the Reindeer and the Reindeer fell to the floor.

When the Reindeer fell Joe quickly saw Zoe but Joe saw that Zoe was chained-up and he didn’t know what to do.

So Joe ripped the chain off and quickly saved Zoe. And Joe saw the Reindeer was on the floor so he gave him the drink of happiness then the Reindeer was happy again so Joe and Zoe flew back home happily with the Reindeer was happy again THE END.

By Hannah


Naishonacause and the Valcon

Long ago in skyromedys, there lived a handsome and muscular solider called Naishonacause. Sadly, when he was 10 years old he saw the black-   hearted Valcon horrifically kill his defenceless parents. Naishonacause, vowed to avenge the death of his parents.

The Valcon has 2 ice dragons as heads,2 legs and some wings. Naishonacause’s cousin, told him to find the god of the ocean and sea Poseidon.

Poseidon asked” What are you doing here young chap?” Naishonacause replied “The Valcon has murdered my parents in front of my face when I was 10 years old. Can you help me?” Poseidon said “Yes the weak spot is its legs and mouth” Poseidon, gave Naishonacause the legendry terrier blade , a crimson bow and some adamantine amour for the battle.

When Naishonacause got to the blood chilling Valcons base,he back flipped over the Valcon then cut it wings off. The Naishonacause sliced its legs off. He only had the mouth to go until he could kill the Valcon. Without mercy Naishonacause shot an arrow into the mouth off the Valcon to kill it.

After the messy battle with guts everywhere he found the person who raised the Valcon and killed him too. When he got back home he told his wife and kids about how he defeated the Valcon. That is how he lived for the rest of his life.

The Destructs and the Destroyer

Long ago, there lived a handsome monster called the Destructs  he was a dangerous dragon Destructs was upset because her family got taken away from her. up

Destructs is devastated and she went to the Lord of castles to get her family back and some help. The lord looked for some weapons to stop her evil brother the Destroyer.

The lord told him his weak spot and it was his legs. The Lord of castles gave Destructs  a shield ,amour and a helmet. To fight the Destroyer she’s got a shield to protect the fire from.

Destructs set of immediately  to find the Destroyer finally she got there. She heard the Destroyer stamping on some bones. She tiptoed into the cave so nobody could hear her. So she went up to the Destroyer Then stabbed him so hard then the Destroyer collapsed on the floor.

The Destructs ran past the dead body and saw her family chained  in a cave so she let them out and they all went home with a smile on their faces happily ever after.


Hussainious and the Stingclaw

Long ago in ancient Chiradon, there once lived a young hero called Hussainious. Sadly, his parents were brutally murdered by the evil Stingclaw. Hussainious was devastated and vowed to seek revenge.

The Stingclaw was a vile creature with fifteen dragon heads, a spiders body and a lion for a tail. With it’s big, poisonous claws, this monster was legendary. Although Hussainious was a brave man, he didn’t know how to conquer this destructive beast but his brother recommended to go to mount Olympus to ask the great god Apollo for advice.

A few days later, Hussainious found Apollo. “The Stingclaw killed my family, and ruined my life! please help me seek revenge,” begged Hussainious. “you have stated your business , it would be in my honour to help.” Replied Apollo in  voice which demanded respect. Apollo told Hussainious about the Stingclaw’s weak spot in the 9th head. Then Apollo then gave Hussainious a fire staff, to burn the Stingclaw’s head, some crystal armour, to avoid the Stingclaw’s poison and a potion of swiftness. This potion allows the user to run faster than the speed of light. Hussainious thanked Apollo and set off on his terrifying journey.

After many hard days of travelling, Hussainious found the cave which was the domain of the monster. Heart pounding like a drum, Hussainious entered the cave with the fire staff leading the way. Quick as a flash, the Stingclaw leaped straight at Hussainious and tried biting him. Luckily, the crystal armour blocked out the effect and gave Hussainious a chance to attack. When Apollo attack the Stingclaw it let out a ferocious roar and fell to the floor. The monster was dead at last.

With the help of the potion of swiftness, Hussainious darted home with everyone chanting his name. Hussainious felt relived and lived happily for the rest of his life.


by Raheem

Hamdanicus and the Minatour

Thousands of years ago, there was a brave and strong man called Hamdanicus. Sadly, his dad had a fight with the Minatour. And Hamdanicus’ wife had been kidnaped.

The Minatour has a head of a bull, body of a man , legs of a horse , tail of a horse and hands of a man. So then, Hamdanicus’ brother told him to go to Mount Olympus in search of the great warrior Apollo. ”Please help me take revenge on the Minatour because he has broken my heart into pizza slices !” Cried Hamdanicus. ”You have clearly told me what you need help with now I shall may help you.” Apollo deeply and echoly exclaimed.” If you want to defeat this destructive beast, you have to strike at its legs.” Apollo gave Hamdanicus a lava sword, an unbroken shield and the boots of disguising. It will allow the wearer to disguise into anything they want. Hamdanicus thanked Apollo and set of on the journey to kill the Minatour.

After many scorching days, Hamdanicus arrived that was the domain of the monster. Minatour charged towards Hamdanicus. Then he remembered to use the lava sword and Hamdanicus burnt one of Minatours hand. Out of nowhere, Hamdanicus charged towards the Minatour and stabbed his leg. Finally, the Minatour fell to the ground.

Hamdanicus ran over the body and saw his wife locked up. Afterwards, Hamdanicus disguised into a guard and took a key to free her. Hamdanicus told everything about his adventure then they lived happily for the rest of their lives.

Cromwellacus and Treegadon- by Megan

During the time of ancient Heromedes, there was a beautiful women called Cromwellacus. Cromwellacus was upset because a monster called the Treegadon has been bullying her husband called William.


Treegadon is a fierce monster with the head of a lion, a body of a leopard and a worm as a tail . Cromwellacus’s father told him to go to Mount leoparus to ask the richest, clever  princess in the world.


The princess gave Cromwellacus crystal armour, a sharp sword and shoes of fastness.  These shoes will go faster then fireworks going in the air. Cromwellacus thanked the princess and set of on the long journey.



After many short days of travelling Cromwellacus entered the home of the monster. Cromwellacus  could hear bones rotting to death. Cromwellacus threw his shield in different directions trying to confuse the monster. Treegadon fell dizzy. Cromwellacus plunged his sword into the monster’s heart and the monster was dead at last.


Cromwellacus ran past the body and found William chained up. Cromwellacus whisked William and lived happily together for the rest of their lives.


By Megan


Arthenius and the Vigous

Long ago in Ancient Herontimes , there lived a boy called Athens . Athens lived on a old farm with his granddad. He sended all his time feeding animals and getting food for super. Sadly , his parents died because evil Vigous  snapped the bridge while they were on it they drowned . Later that day , Athens  saw the exact same monster who killed his parents take him mothers nekless . He went to see revenge .


The powerful , scary looking monster was a ferocious beast . Arthens went to mount Egypt  to ask King Anocous for advise . He looked deep and hard for him for days .


Eventually , he found King Anocous . ” Oh please help me seek revenge on Vigous, he killed my parents and lodes of other things to”. ” Fear not brave Arthenus although he is powerful with the lullaby but bright lights disappear his voice .” King Anacous gave Artheus a chain to capture him ,  a bright light to make him loose his voice and head phone  so you don’t hear the lullaby when you shine the torch . Arthenus set off to seek revenge on Vigous .


After many hard days travelling ,  Arthenus  eventually arrived at the rocky cliff witch was home to the monster . He could hear its belly rumbling loudly . With a deep breath , Artheus  ran towards Vigous with a torch in one hand and a chain in the other . Arthenus shinned a shimmering light towards the monster , he lost his voice. Finally , Arthenus chained up the monster for the rest of its life.


Arthenus quickly grabbed his mothers nekless and ran back to Ancient Heromites. The city was so proud of him and cheered his name . He lived happily on the farm for the rest of his life.

My best teacher

My favourite teacher is the best

Ready to help all the time

She is super and


Always there when you need her



Wanda full

On the go

On the day ready to help

Doing a teachers job to help us





My friend Keya (artistic poem)



You are the best



acrostic poem about Gerrard

Goal scorer




Amazing skills



by Tristan and Aj

Acrostic poem (coolness%100)


Lucky                                                                                                           Orange                                                                                                        Violent                                                                                                        Eccentric

Monstrous                                                                                                  Obese                                                                                                          Nasty                                                                                                           Scary                                                                                                           Titanic                                                                                                        Energetic                                                                                                    Rude                                                                                                            Stupid

My favourite Teacher

My  amazing teacher never gives up even if it’s hard.

really helps me.

she is a my super cool teacher.

When children are sad she makes them happy.

excellent teacher.

loves her job.

loves to help children.

she is the best teacher in the world.

can you make a Acrostic poem about your favourite teacher?

By Ola

Banned the letter E

The McDonalds was nice when I was eating it but some of my friends hated it.


By Amy N,KeyaW










Year 5 teachers

Mrs Wells

Mrs Eastwood

Mrs Amin

Mrs Hackett

Mr Frost

Mr Ferrell


They all are the same level at teaching they youse most of the same method and if they move to your school later in the year I recommend them to you as 5 big stars and you will get them in a minute.




Acrostic poem about Miss Wells

M- mind blowing

I- imagination


s- super

W- well known

e- eager

l- independent

l- inspiring

s- spectacular

by Fatima + Amy m

Acrostic poem about Mrs Eastwood







Super star




Over joyed


by Zain and Arthur

Acrostic Poem Eden Hazard

E xcellent

D ribling

E xcellent

N imble

H onorable

A mazing

Z ig – zag

A pplausable

R eady

D ifferent


By Bryan

p.s. if your reading this I’m a big fan of footballers.







Banned letter M – by Megan and Emma

Banned the letter M

Emma came round Megan’s house to get a rabbit. The rabbit was called Peter and he was cute. Peter was a small black rabbit.

By Emma and Megan


banned letter

The banned letters I

Today I saw the Eiffel  tower then I went to Ipswich there I saw a Lamborghini and a Bugatti Veyron in Ireland.

By Tristan and Aj.

Cant use the letter A

Do this sentence but you cant use the letter A (it has to be the same sentence)

I went to the shops and bought a cat a car a clip and a apple, I went back home and played with my cat.

Banned letter is a

After football practise me and my friend went to my house and played more football.

my favourite teacher.

My best teacher









oh the world

oh yes


Acrostic poem about Megan and Emma- by Megan and Emma







Never Negative





Good friend





banned a letter h

Humpty dumpty sat on the wall Humpty dumpty had a great fall all the kings horses just wouldn’t believe.

Artistic poem about best friends









Everyday is happy

Never ending fun





Acrostic poem (Miss Amina)









by ruby Stewart

Banned letter

Banned letter is a

Today after school me and my friend  went to a football session with a packed lunch filled with apples.




By Raheem

Banned Letter T

The boy raced around the terrain in almost no time at all, at least that’s what  Tristan said.

Acrostic poem about Miss Amin

M- my favourite teacher is Miss Amin

I- independent

s- super


A- amazing

m- mind blowing

I- inspiring

n- never negative

School songs by Megan

Long weeks and short days,

In Year 5,

Teachers are kind

Mr Frost,

Miss Amin,

Miss Eastwood,

Doing maths is hard to do,

Doing literacy is fun to do,

Literacy is my faviourite ,

Warning stories,


Myths and legends,

I hope you enjoy this song.

By Megan

School is fun,

Working so hard,

Teachers helping,

All day long,

School is fun,

Having lunch at 12:30,

Having break at 11:00

By Megan




My friends – Megan

Hi I am going to tell you about my friends:
My friends are Amy M, Emma, Keya, Shanade, Leanna, Hannah, Amy N, Destiny

Amy M – Makes people happy, funny and kind also my best friend
Emma – makes people happy also my best friend
Keya – makes people happy also my best friend
Shanade – Always kind always funny also my best friend
Leanna – Always kind also my best friend
Hannah – makes people happy, kind, funny helps you with work you don’t understand also my best friend
Amy N – funny and makes people happy also my best friend
Destiny – Kind funny and makes people happy also my best friend

Air Resistance Investigation

Friction Explained by Kyran

Friction Explained by Kyran from The Ridgeway Primary School on Vimeo.

Friction Explained by Bryan

Friction Explained by Bryan from The Ridgeway Primary School on Vimeo.

Writing across Britain!!!

Live Blog Ridgeway to Bury

Making Greek Masks

Book Reviews

We have been doing lots of reading in Year 5. Here are some of the many book reviews we have written.

Shanade’s Sculpture

Shanade made a fantastic clay model based on a scene from Apollo and the Chimera. Very impressive considering she did this at home!


About what I do at school-Megan


At school Mr Frost our teacher reads the whole class a bit of the witches and it’s really fun to listen to. At school on Friday we have a bit of a busy day we have to do spelling test, maths test, multipaction grid, maths whizzards, Assembly, Literacy, Maths and some other stuff. At home I sometimes watch TV then I play with my dog. My dog is cute, adorable, good. Also, my dog is a Jack Russell. He is brown and white. I really like playing with my dog. Everyday, I go on the blog and see new posts and comment. I really like Mr Frost being our teacher and Miss Eastwood, Miss Amin and Mr Farell being our TA’s. I sometimes play Minecraft. My favorite sport is rugby, also I like football a little bit. The sport I’m good at is Basketball, Netball and Rugby but also I am a little bit good at football. At school the people I play with are Amy N, Yasameen, Destiny, Aj, Ola, Hannah and sometimes a new boy called Aleks. I sometimes play basketball  and Aleks ask “can I play” I say “yes”. When we was playing basketball we had a good game it was really fun and we both worked hard. Today I played Basketball with Aleks. Aleks team got 15 aand my team got 2 I through the ball through the net when it was just lineup time but we was being strict so we both said “that don’t count”. Also some of the Year 3s played and it was a really fun and hard game because we were being strict. Also it was hard because whenever I passed the ball to Amy N, Aleks jumped up and got the ball but luckily he was trying to throw it to a Year 3 child on his team I quickly jumped up and got the ball then I threw it in the hoop! When I threw the ball in the hoop when it was just lineup time I didn’t moan. I said “never mind” and I didn’t really care! Aleks nearly threw the ball at my head when he was passing the ball to a year 3 child! Luckily he never and that was how I got the ball of him! I was glad he never through the ball at my head!!!! Luckily, the ball never went over the fence! Whilst, we were playing I was trying to get the ball but I nearly hit my head. We was playing basketball on the AstroTurf near the back basketball net. Also, I nearly slipped over.

If you want know more or ask questions please do and I will answer them!

Bye for now!!!

From Megan.


Acrostic poem about my teacher Mr Frost – Megan


Right all the time



Ready all the time




Mr Frost is the best teacher EVER!!!!!

From Megan


All of my best friends

Hello, my name is Emma Hind.

Today I am going to tell all about my friends.

My friends are:

Shannde, Keya, Leanna, Amy m, Amy n, Destiny and Jack.

Let me tell you about shanande. She is my best friend and she is a sweet and lovely girl who will help you with your work at school.

Now let me tell you about Keya. Keya is very friendly and help you with your maths. I have known Keya since year 2 I think and she has all ways been they for me.

So now Leanna. Leanna is my other best friend she is very funny in different ways.

Up to Amy M. we call her Amy M because we have two Amys in our class. Well now Amy is a sweet girl too and she will help you with any think. She is funny too just like Leanna.

almost there. So the other Amy. Amy N. Amy is a very funny girl if I don’t know who to play with she all ways lets me play with her. Thanks Amy.

So Destiny. Destiny is a lovely girl and will make laugh no mater what has happen.

Now the last one Jack. Jack is from my acting school. He will just make you laugh and smile all day long.

Hope you like what I have said.

Thank youxx

Hercules and the Tazer

Long ago in ancient Egypt there was a strong and brave knight Hercules. Hercules had a beautiful wife called Lora who had been kidnapped by the mean old Grand High Witch but the dungeon was guarded by a horrible slimy monster. Hercules was sad “I have to save Lora ” he said “but how?”Hercules’s grandfather told him to go to Mount Everest to ask the great fairy Hannah for help. When Hercules got to Mount Everest Hannah had told Hercules the name of the monster it was the Tazer. Hannah had gave Hercules what he needed to kill the Tazer. She gave him a sword to stab its weak spot the Tazer’s back , a pair of wings and a shield.The Tazer had a head of a armadillo the body of a snake and the legs of a frog. Hercules set of on a long journey to kill the Tazer. When he got to the dungeon he heard a blood chilling roar. Hercules ran in every direction trying to make the Tazer dizzy Hercules flew up in the air and back down then stabbed the Tazer in the back. Hercules saw Lora and grabbed her. Hercules took Lora home to his palace and they lived happily for the rest of there lives.

Apollo and the Chimera Retelling

Apollo and the Chimera Retelling from The Ridgeway Primary School on Vimeo.

We used our story maps and hand actions to help us remember our model text, Apollo and the Chimera, for our literacy unit about myths.

Icarus Pencil Sketch

Icarus Pencil Work on PhotoPeach

Short Burst Writing

Short burst Venus

Apollo and the Chimera – Freeze Frames

Year 5 Science – Gravity

In science this term, we will be learning about forces. This week, we have been looking at the effects of gravity.IMG_0272






Our First Badminton Lesson

Our First Badminton Lesson from The Ridgeway Primary School on Vimeo.

We used balloons to help us improve our technique in badmington.

The Witches by Zain

Zain has brought in a picture he drew based on the front cover of our class book, The Witches.IMG_0278[1]

Ancient Greek Pottery

50 Cent: Rap Superstar

Have you ever dreamed of  being a rap superstar? 50cent achieved that when he was in his 20s but he started rapping when he was a kid. 50cent wanted to be an actor when he  was younger but he was inspired by Jay-Z then he started rapping and became famous .Also his life is made into a film called get rich or die trying.Today he is 30s or 40s and he is inspiring kids to follow there dreams especially boys.

The Maliki

Have you ever wanted to be the second prime minister of Iraq? the Maliki did.

The Maliki was born in 20, June 1950 in Karblai in Iraq .

After secondary school he received bachelors degree at Al – Din college in Baghdad.

Today the Maliki is still the second prime minister of Iraq and his life example is never gives up .”And he still the happiest man in the world.

by :yasameen

Hugh Jackman the movie man

Have you wanted to be really famous? Hugh Jackman did. So he played the character Van Helsing , Wolverine and lots more. His  most famous one is Wolverine.

Jackman, was born 1968 in Australia. When, he was a kid he always tried hard in Pumbule primary to be famous movie star. He often, watched  movies to how to become a famous  movie star.

Jackman, did really well in school and only found drama fun so he could be a good actor.

He is well known for being in a lot of films and wining a lot of awards for being the best X-men actor.

Taylor swift : Super singer

Have you ever dreamed of being a singer and a songwriter at the same time?  well Taylor swift made that come. she didn’t let anything in the way of her career.

Taylor swift was born on December 13 th ,1989.Taylor swift was practicing at 2 years old she went on  xfactor at  7 years old it to0k ages her to become a singer .she is 25 years old. As a child she was called candy cane of course for a nick name. She was 8 and prepared for a singer 2 years later she was a singer.


Taylor swift went to Hendersonville High School from 12 to 16 years old .Swift famous person at 10 YEARS OLD !!!! she enjoyed singing to her boyfriend.

Taylor swift is well known for being a famous singer. She has loads of songs and they are : me and you , blank space ,bad blood and loads more. She has 30 awards.


Today, she is encouraging people to sing from young.



Enid Blytons eye catching moments

Have you ever dreamed of writing books? Well I know someone who has Enid Blyton. Blyton achieved her goal when she was young. That goal was that Blyton wanted to become famous for writing books.

Blyton was born  on the 11th of August 1987 in EastDulwitch.As she grew up ,she was interested in writing books. Blytons childhood was adventures and was willing to write books.


Enid Blyton went to secondary  school and was always happy to  go. After high school ,Blyton wished to have a happy life writing books  and hopefully become famouse.One day her books belling she wount be able to write books. Blytons books began to travel around the world .Her school  helped her because if she didn’t go to school and do literacy  lessons and spelling she wount be able to write books. Blyton archived her success by taking her books  to the president .Her main achievements was when she got an award for the youngest book writer.


Sadly Blyton died but today her books are becoming more and more famous . Her life example was to make people never forget her.



Cristiana Ronaldo

Have you ever dreamt about being an amazing footballer? well Cristiana Ronaldo fulfilled that dream. Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world, Ronaldo won ‘young player’ of the year  in 2003 to 2004, that was  not the only award he got…

Ronaldo was born February 1985 in Santo Antonio, Portugal. Ronaldo played football everyday non-stop until he got tired. He also played with his friends and other good people. Did you know Ronaldo started football at the age of 5?

Ronaldo stopped school at the age of eleven, to play in a local youth club he did that so he could have more time for football. He got the right coach to train him and joined the right team. He loved football a lot when he was little. This clever, talented man analysed other football players as well.

Interestingly, Ronaldo transferred to Manchester United in 2003 to 2004, he then transferred to Real Madrid in 2009.did you know he scored 69 goals in one month?

Today Ronaldo is carrying out his dream, he is also doing some charity work around the world. Recently Ronaldo has won another boot, this makes it his fourth.

“I did well last year I hope my son follows in my foot steps,” mentioned the extraordinary player.

Dantdm The Diamond Minecart

Have you ever dreamt of being a famous YouTuber ?  well Dan did he is the 3rd famous YouTuber in the world. He plays minecraft and his old videos were Gta. But this wasn’t the start of his career.

Dan was born in 1992 Northamptonshire, England, He is also 23 years old. At the age of 7 or 8 he also watched YouTube on his computer. He also watched the same person on different videos. Dan went to school had friends and lived a normal life like me. Like me he also got homework and books to read. His favourite subject at school was ict and making computer games on scratch. He also worked as a team member and never gave up despite how tricky it was he still cared on. he enjoyed playing games and watching videos just like you now.

Dantdm is best known for his YouTube videos and playing minecraft on the box 360 or sometimes pc. He does horror maps, adventure maps, survival worlds and custom mod adventures on the game. Dantdm also does mini games with Dr Triourus he is also Dantdms  best minecraft friend. His achievements are getting married to Jemma and also going to minecon and performing live in front of lots of kids. Today, Dantdm is still doing YouTube on minecraft like maps, adventures and diamond dimensions. His life example is for kids to grow up and be a famous YouTube r just like him.


Ronaldo a rocket acheiver

Have you ever wanted to be an international football phenomenon? Well Ronaldo accomplished that dream.

Ronaldo was born on February 5th 1985.At the age of 16 he was already worth at least £12million, which was a record for his age. Before he played for Real Madrid he played for Manchester United. As a child he went to a youth club and at the age of only 10 he was already known as a football phenomenon.

At Ronaldo’s  youth club he played day in and day out. Sometimes he even crawled out of the window to play football when he was supposed to be grounded. Luckily, Ronaldo’s parents encouraged his hobby.

Soon after, Ronaldo became the best footballer in the world. He was already on his 4th golden football.Even to this very day Ronaldo continues winning awards. Ronaldo taught us to never give up on our dreams no matter how big thy may seem. Messi (a famous footballer,who plays for Barcelona)says “I am very proud of you Ronaldo I hope you continue in your successful life.”

Justin Bieber

Have you ever wanted to be a singer ? well your in good hands because Justin Bieber has sung all over  the world and even for his own country Canada, he got discovered on YouTube by this man Scooter Bron.

Justin was born March 1st 1994 London, Canada and Justin put himself singing when he was a little boy but he sang  on stage and done a little dance moves. When Justin Bieber was a little boy he wished that to be a famous singer and it came true.

When Justin Bieber was growing up he won a VMA award so they produce his new song Baby and he got a college application in Canada, he trained really hard. When he was 16 he preformed live to everyone.

While he was growing taller he made songs called Somebody to love, you smile, and one less lonely girl but Bieber has won lots of awards for his songs.

Today Justin Bieber wants to take his carrier higher and higher also he has saw some people and made them do vocal warm-ups so they can be good singers when they are older.

Ed Sheeran a good singer

Have you ever dreamed of going on stage in front of 1,ooos of people ? Ed Sheeran is known for singing, dancing  and playing the getare  live on stage and all  over the world. He has also known for helping children in need.


Sheeran was born February 17th 1991 in hebden bridge. When he was younger he wanted  to be a dancer and be in a dancing group. Sheeran did what any other kid did played, whent to school, had friends and a lovely family  who tolled him to follow his dreams


Ed Sheeran went to college in hebden bridge 5 years ago . He was tort every think he needed to know before he could leave. Sheeran was tort what he wanted to be and how to be successful. One Afternoon , his parents took him to carnivals to learn how to be a singer. It helped him become who he wanted to be.


Ed sheeran was known for a famous singer ,dancer and for playing the getare. Sheeran has won the 2012 grame  awards his family were so proud of him and all of his achievements.  He is now caring on being successful. He also won the x factor 2013 he was improving so mutch and they were so proud of him.


Today, Sheeran is still a famous singer and  dancer.  He is still achieving his goals. His life story tort people to follow there dreams and any think is possible . Talor Swift said ” Ed Sheeran has become a famous singer and has been successful in his carer well done!”

About Zoella

Have you ever wanted to be a famous Youtuber? Well Zoella is a famous Youtuber. Zoella is famous for being a Youtuber and having 8 million sub scribers.

Zoella was born in Lakorck, Wiltshire, UK. When she was a child she had a secret diary and she still has it today. When she was a child she always wanted to have a Pug and be a nail artist.

Zoella graduated from high School to College. Also when she was a child she always wanted to be a nail artist and be a Youtuber, so she is. She  even made her own 2 books. Girl Online and Girl Online Tour.

She is known for doing Vlogs and doing hairstyle videos. Her biggest achievements are that she hit 8 million subscribers, and she got a best British Vlogger award. And she won it twice.

Today, Zoella is still on YouTube and makes Vlogs. She could not believe she is a best British Vlogger. Tanyer Burr said “you are amazing” to Zoella.



By Hannah

Ronaldo super soccer star player

Have you ever wanted to be the bestest footballer In the world ? Well Ronaldo managed to be a footballer. Cristiano won a shiny golden boot and he transferred to two team Real Madrid and Manchester Utd.

Cristiano was born on February 5 th in Dos Santos Averio. He was interested in football since he was a child. When Cristiano was a child he began his first career.

Cristiano trained in a football pitch he did not watch You tube he practised on his own he kept on practising , practising and practising until he got better he met a friend called Gareth Bale. Cristiano also scored 31 goals over 34 games. Cristiano was so good that he won a golden football. It helps him so much because then he will win for his team. He began his first career in Portugal.

Cristiano achieved success by scoring his main achievements is just believing in him self he wins in a lot of matches “Last years success is todays expectation”.

Today, Cristiano is still wining for his team. His life taught us to never give up and always stay on the good side so can never let obstacles get in your way.

by Zain

Taylor Swift the singer

Have you dreamed of being a singer? Well Taylor Swift did. Swift is a singer and she has all ways been successful.


Taylor was born on December 13th 1989. When, she was only 12 she played the guarter and write songs. Taylor wanted to be a song writer when she was about 13 years old.


After, she went to high school she went to college to lean more about song writing and the guarter at 16. When Swift went to college she more successful.


Taylor Swift is one of the best singer in the world. She loves to write and listen to county music. Taylor has sold 40 million albums and 7 grammy awards  in her life. She is also one of the best pop artiest.


Today Taylor is planning on a new song soon about love. Taylor has been living with county music all her life. Simon Cowell Quoted ” I am so happy that Taylor has been successful to be a singer!”




Malala Yousafzai a right girl

Have you ever been shot for going to school? Well Malala Yousafzai fought for all her human rights and she especially fought for an education.

Malala was born July 12th 1997.She had two younger brothers and she followed in her fathers footsteps. Her father, an educational activist taught her Pashto, Urdu and English.

Malala had no education and did not go to school because where she lived only men had a education and girls had no jobs and had to stay and clean. Instead of cleaning up, Malala always practised her maths in her brothers books.

Malala is best known for surviving being shot in the head and fighting for her rights. Malala was awarded the great Nobel peace prize.

Today Malala goes round inspiring children to never give up and to never let someone take away your human rights.

Ariana Grande:Succesful Singer- by Megan

Have you ever wanted to sing for the president and be known worldwide? Ariana Grande has. Ariana Grande is known for singing.

Grande was born June 26, 1993 (age 22)  in Boca raton, Florida, United states. Ariana has got a cute wonderful baby what was born June 2015. Grande did singing lessons with children.

Ariana  Grande went to Boca raton high school. When Ariana was young she enjoyed school.

Ariana Grande is best known for singing and being an actor. Ariana Grande’s achievements are children choice award for singing.

Today Ariana is a full time mummy and learning new songs to sing. Ariana always tries hard and never give up singing.

By Megan

Hello world

The rugby world cup started not long ago my teacher Mr

Frost loves rugby and foot ball. By the way, he’s my favourite teacher. Hope you

enjoy our blog. Do you have a blog? We could see if so leave a link

in the comments below good byyyyyyyyyee.

All about me-Megan

Hi my name is Megan and I go to the Ridgeway primary. I’m in Year 5. My teacher is Mr Frost and our TA’s our Miss Eastwood and Mr Farrell who works with Year 5 in them morning. In Year 5 my favourite subject is P.E, Maths and Literacy. At break and lunch I play with my friends. For P.E we do tag rugby outdoors and indoor we do gym what is like balancing and jumping.

I like blogging because it gives you access to the world!!!

By Megan


Hey guys its Lily. I’m having a wonderful time at my new school. Hope you’re having a nice time as well. I haven’t forgotten you and I’m missing you loads I might come and visit some time if you like. I have got loads of new friends and I have settled in well. I’ll get back to you soon.



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about me

Hi my name is harvey and I like football and playing minecraft. I also like playing Lego.I am really good at building Lego.


I’m am Arthur and I am writing about what I did for football today. when I played the people in my class who wanted to play played year 3 in the first half it was 1-1 then at the next second  Devonta scored the next half went quickly in the last 10 seconds my friend Tristan crossed it (It was a corner though) we had his little brother in year three chested it and I volleyed it and Kyran  was not on guard so I scored when I was doing my calibration lots of people  grabbed me on my team and lifted me a little after that I did a front flip. I do these kind of things evry day I stated playing well since reception I think that it was all to do with when I became faster I did a lot of racing all around my old school. I think this school is better. 🙂

Cold Task – Biographies

Our next unit of literacy; biographies! We are hard at work trying our best in our cold tasks.IMG_0215[1]

The Drowning Girls

“Bella don’t you dare going near the pond” announced auntie Teala my auntie always looked out for me to much. After, gymnastics we came back home and slipped out through the window . I still can’t believe that my auntie thought that I played dolls with Molly. But we had to be quick because we only had hour. Because every hour auntie Teala checked on us if we were alright .

wile we were walking past that ancient , creepy museum that was shut down for years. It really didn’t take that long to get there. When we finally got there, we started to play Frisbee for quite a long time. Later on, the weather started to grumble and the clouds were grey and you could feel drops of  rain. Me and Molly decided to go under a humongous tree but unfortunately the wind was so strong that the frizbee slid away and we chased after it.

But suddenly we tripped over and unfortunately fell into that old ,dirty ,stinky pond. “what are we going to do?” asked Molly in a frighten voice and wide open eyes. “I don’t know” replied Bella. Wile trying  to swim but unluckily it didn’t work.

But before they drowned Bella found a long branch and grabbed onto it Molly caught Bella’s leg. And they happily got out and felt so joyful like never they didn’t even have a word to describe how happy we felt. So they decided to go home.

When they came back home Bella’s auntie was so mad and cross than ever “where were you stupid girl I was about to call the police!” shouted auntie Teala. Always listen to your parents if you don’t want to be grounded for two months and I will never forget this important lesson.

By Ola




The warehouse

“Right Jack, don’t go playing down by the abandoned   warehouse “my mum warned me whilst cooking my dinner worriedly. ” The pipes are rickety or they’ll fall on you,” my mum worries to much. She thought I was at a football tournament with Jeff. The warehouse is where I always go after school and weekends.

The warehouse was at the end of minecraft road past the creepy museum. It was rickety and abandoned the warehouse. Inside it was like as damp as a mossy foggy swamp on the edge of a deep smelly lake. Up on the roof of the warehouse dangled rusty bars from the ceiling It sounded like birds tweeting as loud as a Ferrari’s engine. There was a dead fox with a big red hole in it’s throat with red and white crunchy bones hanging out. We usually played monkey bars with the rust old pipes.

That cursed evening, hail stones lashed down through thee cracks in the roof and on the metal bars. Me and Jeff ran as fast as a henisi venom gt at full speed to a rickety wooden bench on the opposite side of the room to the door. Without a warning, the pipes fell from the roof and the wooden roof cracked to pieces. That moment we both knew that we were trapped…

Jeff’s heart was beating as fast as a cheetah at full speed after a zebra. “what should we do!” Jeff exclaimed with fear.” we will have to parcore our way out,” I replied. so we did we parcored [ jumped] up the pipes and out onto the path. we both done the secret hand shake in relief.

Eventually after being trapped, we got home and of course mum was furious. “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN” mum exclaimed to our faces.”so a branch nearly fell on you” my mum asked us giving the evils. my mum was right. she’d been from when I was born.

The Building site

Dave and Jack were at the town playing it. When Dave was running away from Jack. And when Jack got to the buildings he thought that it was magic? suddenly Dave didn’t believe it at all. Dave told Jack to check the machines because they are cool I nodded and Jack said come on Dave okay but am not sure I said. What’s wrong said Jack. Come on where wasting are time I think we shall tell are parents if they let us. Oh come on we don’t want to nodded Jack. but…but…uh okay. Suddenly I heard the mans shouting at me and Jack? they said get out now. Or we will crush you both Okay we said run where do you think you going little boys were 9 year old boys uh okay.get them. Finally we went home. Dad was very angry staring at us he said go and wash your clothes now okay I nodded but don’t shout SHUT UP just go and  wash your clothes okay I will.

the abandoned church

“Now now Izzy don’t go playing by the abandoned church or mum will kill you”  my sister said as she was washing up  ” okay “  I said . I whispered to my self “ I will” oh yes don’t be home after 4 o’clock  or no McDonalds. Did I listen? No I didn’t.


The creepy old abandoned church made noises like” oooooooooooooooooo” I wasn’t scared one bit Amelia was scared you could tell at way she look pure white like  paper. I thought she was going to faint.


We went in and played hide and seek . daft really , but it was fun. I loved it when I was hiding I found a giant cupboard. I   went in . it was stiff to open I saw a ghost I tried to get out I couldn’t get out .

I kicked and kicked I would never get out . I carried on I got out . I found Amelia and we ran home.

When we got home we had half an hour to get ready to go to McDonald’s my went mad ” mums going to kill me” ” You’re so messy!” my sister shouted at me.   

                                                                                        THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The warehouse

Now Amy, please don’t go near the warehouse, I cant have you getting hurt.” I lived with my auntie because  my parents died. She warned me day after day after.


The unknown warehouse was a 1 mile bike ride away. Little did she know that was exactly  where I went on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Today was a boring Sunday so me and Keya went to the warehouse.


We had to be careful because every hour bits fell down. Suddenly, I heard a noise and the support bits fell down, we slithered like snakes and stood up like zombies rising from dead.We went into the back room ,it was a old computer room.


We kicked the back window and it didn’t work so with all my mighty power ,but shaking a bit with a smile, I kicked it and it smashed. We got our bike and set of for 6:00.


When we got home it was 7:00 and we had missed dinner. My auntie answered the door and said calmly “Where have you been?”

“We were out side.” I answered.

“Ill warm your dinner up “

“Thanks” “ Ill always listen to you” I said

by Shanade

The Junkyard

“Now Harvey don’t go playing in the junkyard. ” My dad worried to much. Did I listen? of course not. He really fort I was doing my homework with Devonta.

It was 30 minute bike ride to the junkyard. Most days after school that was straight where I went.Most of the time me and Devonta just played it.

I ran into  the back of lorry and suddenly I got stuck in the back of the lorry and Devonta got stuck under. I tried running out. It was useless. luckly there was a sleg hammer and I smasht open the side of the lorry and ran home.

My dad was furious “you could of got killed” Harvey had lunt his leson.







The Junkyard

“Now Ruby don’t go playing with Harvey in the junkyard!”, my mum had warned me thosens of times”.”You’ll get yourself hurt. “Did I listen ?of course I didn’t.Most days after detention that was exactly were I went. My mum actually thought that I went round Harvey’s house straight after detention.My mum cares about me to mutch .Ive still not fogoten about the time when she enbarest me infrunt of my freins when she wount stop hugging me.

The junkyard was about 2 blocks down the road past a gang of boys and girls .When me and Harvey got to the junkyard full of cars that had orange rust like autum leaves. It smell like an old tip but full of glass.Harvey and me was pretending to drive cars.That foggy night,lightning came. It had been like that all night.The dogs were barking loudly scratching the wooden door. Then it began to rain  as the rain came, me and Harvey were still at the junkyard.

Suddenly, a huge struck of lightning came crashing down.So me and Harvey jumped into a green rotten car as the rain stopped ,the doors became rusted they count get out they were trapped….. my heart was beating fast Harvey as scared “what if were stuck in here forever” I said ” just keep on kicking the door and it might come open”. So we kicked and kicked until the door came open.

We saw a button so we pressed it and the sky light came open so we climbed out.

Two hours later,I reached my house as I walked in my mum said in dissepiment “where have you been? its past your bed time hour and you’ve missed your supper ,So you got chased by a robber and got lost “she asked. I should have listened to my mum all along.

The warehouse

“Now Jay don’t go playing by the warehouse!. you could hurt yourself or the building could fall on you!” My menacing dad cared for me to much. He actually thought I was at football practice with Ray but I planned to meet him at the warehouse. It was full of graffiti but it was are special place. All we did was use graffiti on the wall.

When we finished, we  found some apple juice and we drank it all. Then we threw it away. Then, we found a radio and heard that there was a hurricane so we ran I hid in a box but Ray hid in the old rusty oven.

Ray’s heart was beating as fast as a meglaldon chasing a great white shark. I went to the door locked…Ray kicked the door but it didn’t open.

Then, I found a crowbar. Then, I smashed the lock on the door and then we ran and fist pumped the air.

Of Couse wen I got home, my dad was furious “Where have you been?. You could have been taken away!” He shouted like he had never shouted before. I will never go there again.




The Warehouse

“Now Leo don’t go playing at the warehouse “my dad had warned me whilst glaring at me suspiciously. He thought I was at Adams he needs to give me more attention.

If you were going to the warehouse you would have to go though the empty road then go through bushes and nettles. In side the warehouse there were holes  and graffiti it was covered with poison ivy and the roof was as weak as dinosaur bones the girders barely stood  up. Me and Adam played hide and seek but we played really carefully.

That afternoon a storm had been lashing  Adam brought some card games so we played that. All of a sudden, there was a massive smash the roof feel on to the girders fell as well. Luckily we did not get hurt because we were in a hole. We were as scared as a mouse almost getting squished by a witch.

Coincidently we found a saw lying on the floor so we cut are way out but the door was jammed. a few seconds later  the door flew open  because of the wind so me and Adam bolted out we  were happy and relived but we also felt happy to be alive.

It took us 20 minuets to get home when I opened the door my dad was there “you irresponsible boy you could have lost your life.” My dad said angrily “so you say there was a mad driver and a tree almost grazed you” I nodded slowly “Your lucky it only grazed you” I did not dare to look at him. From that day on I never went anywhere dangerous again.

The graveyard

“Now Kiai don’t go to the graveyard or you’ll be buried alive!” My dad said glaring at me suspiciously. Blah blah blah my dad always said that sort of thing. Last time he said don’t go to the abandoned park but I got in and out of the place like a knife through butter.

All my dad cared about was me, him and football as long as I didn’t disturb him I could go wherever I  want. But he actually thought I was doing my project even when I didn’t have one. Little did he know the graveyard was exactly where I planned to me my friend Bryan. Most days after school went straight to the spooky place.

the graveyard was a place was about 1 mile away to Bryan’s house then to swamp pit. Swamp pit was place with old tyres floating feebly on  top of it. then you’d arrive at the grave yard a place of dead corpses, rats and worst of all grave robbers.

that night a storm rolled in like a bowling ball. Me and Bryan took cover under a left out umbrella. Bang bh bh bh bh bang! As if Bryan could read my mind we both dived.

we got up to see we had been confronted by the grave robbers and we had traps on either side of us. We were trapped like mice. Quickly Bryan went to call the police but the grave robbers were already on it. Luckily when they were busy breaking Bryan’s phone I called the police. As soon as they saw me they ran for it.

Stupidly, when making their get away, they fell into one of their own traps. Wee! woo! wee! woo! When the police arrived we explained everything to them even the tiny details.” Stay here while we call your parents.” one officer said whilst picking up his phone. After a couple miserable hours playing my, phone we managed to get to our homes.

Obviously when I got home my dad was disappointed in me. “what did I tell you?,” my dad said.”not to go” I said avoiding his icy stare. “So a robber black mailed you into going?”

“yes” I said. Now I was even more disappointed in me and I always listened to him from then on.




The dangerous river

One dangerous day I wanted to go to the river with my friend called Sarah and my mum wouldn’t let me so I told her “mum I am going over Sarah house to play I will  be back at 1;00 ok”. So mum said “ok bye”. when I went over to Sarah house I said “do you want to go to the river and Sarah said” ok”.  so we went to the and we saw a fish and we tried to catch it but we fell.


then just out the corner of my eye I saw a big brown branch so we pulled are self out and we went back to Sarah house and we played and I was late for dinner so I went home. when I got home mum was furious at me she said “You sneaked out of Sarah house is my daughter here I forgot she was gone somewhere WHY DID YOU GO TO THE RIVER SARAH YOU COULD OF DIED.


I am grounded for 5 weeks but daisy can stay in her bedroom for a really long day  and that is the end of my story THE END

The Junkyard

“Now James don’t go playing by the junkyard . You could get hurt “exclaimed uncle John whilst pointing his crumbly finger. My uncle had warned me often enough. Did I listen? “Of course I didn’t !” Uncle John though I was helping Lily do her homework but actually I was at the junkyard. Every day after school we dashed there just to muck about.

The junkyard was filled with louds of rusty cars along the uncared grass with glass smothered across  it. The crane was as dirty as a rubbish tip and it smelt as bad as a rubbish bin. It was not a nice place to be at but we went. We loved to play games their.

Later that day, a storm raged it was as loud as a herd of elephants stomping. We dashed to the boot of a car and played Simon said  just so we don’t get bored. Suddenly, the car boot slammed quickly. “We are trapped how are we going to get out the door wont open.” “It stuck ” shouted Lily. “We are going to die in her if we don’t get out soon.”

They pushed and squeezed trying to get out. James pushed Lily in-between the chairs just so she could open the boot. Finally she was out and relief that she got out. She opened the boot to save James “We did it James, were out.”

After a 4 hour walk down muggy road, we were eventually home. ” were have you been for the last 5 hours!” ” And why are you’re  clothes so dirty” “So you fell in a muddy puddle and got stuck.” Guiltily saying yes. “Adlest  you re ok that’s the man thing” He was right he was right from the start. “I will always listen to my uncle.

By Amy M

Horrible Histories – Diary Entries

The Slippery Waterfall

“Now Emma don’t go near the Waterfall with Anna because you might fall and go to the Hospital. “My dad had warned me enough so I am annoyed” said Emma. My dad thought that I was doing my Homework with Anna but instead I went near the Waterfall.

After that, the stones got a little slippery, when it got really slippery me and Anna decided to play a game. But then Anna tripped over.

When Anna tripped over Emma was really worried so Emma quickly ran down the stone stairs to quickly save Anna. But when Emma saved Anna she was shocked because she had no idea what just happened right now.

She didn’t know what happened because when she fell she had her eyes closed and when Anna wock up she had know idea what happened but she was socking wet like she was swimming in the sea for 2 hours. So Anna and Emma quickly ran home.

15 mins  later, they got home and Emma’s dad was furious like a dragon. Emma said “im  sorry dad I know I should been doing my Homework right now” and then Emma’s dad said “so you got hit by a tree.” But then Anna said “I m sorry I will never do it again. But I learned my lesson.” and they both said “we will always listen to your warnings.

By Hannah

The Warehouse

“Now Emma don’t go  playing near the warehouse you can brake a bone and go to hospital.” My dad worried too much. Did I listen  NO! I went there everyday with my friend Destiny after school dad thought I was doing ballet in the back garden. Silly he is.

After school, I went to get Destiny and we went to the warehouse. At the warehouse in the grass there was a dead fox with a hole ain it’s through and bones hanging got with green moss on the bones. The wall looked like it was going to fall down on us. There was cracks in the floor too.

The wall was shacking and we stopped playing it just encase we hit the wall and fall  and a brick fell on my led and it was painful.

Destiny hands was shaking like there was 20,000 ice cubes in  her hands. “Destiny is going to be ok. can you help me get this brick off my leg. I said thank you Destiny.

After we got home, my dad said “so, a bird attacked you?” I bodied in shame. My dad was mad. I should of listen to my dad from the start.

The End!
By Emma Hind

The building site

“Now Zain, don’t go playing by the Building site!” shouted Mr Frost he often warns me so much and he always kept an eye out on me. He thought I was doing my art project with Tristan little did he know me and Tristan just went to the building site anyway.

The Building site was a thirty minute walk away past the rickety ancient haunted house black and grey dust sprays everywhere Tristan accidently pulled a screw driver and the metal bars just clasped down.

“What are we going to do now !” I shouted “earlier on I found a chainsaw right next to your foot ” I asked politely so then Tristan quickly grabbed it and gave it to me “Come on lets get out of  here ” I excitedly said then we made our way through the rusted bars.

After a few tired days later, we eventually and safely arrived back to the Ridgeway Mr Frost was like a volcano “You naughty boy I was worried you had been lost ” Mr Frost quivered with fear and shouted with hypnotising eyes “So a cat nearly scratched you?” asked Mr Frost “yep a cat nearly scratched me” I worriedly said.

By Zain

The abandoned warehouse

“Don’t go playing near the abandoned warehouse,” my mum said often enough but did I listen? No I didn’t. the warehouse was a perfect base for me and my friend Arthur. Sad really but my mum thought I was doing my homework at Arthur’s house but the warehouse was were I met him.

The warehouse was a 10 minute bike ride and was near a demolished museum. Inside there was a shipping crate filled with guns. Arthur and I always ignored the guns and I played a fun game called tag-rugby. Creaking sounds echoed throughout the hall.

That day, a storm raged, it had been brewing all day. While me and Arthur were playing tag-rugby  tremendous CRACK!! occurred. Me and Arthur dived for the shipping crate whilst the warehouse’s ceiling collapsed write on top of us. I hopped that the crate didn’t burst open. “what are we going to do now?” Arthur sobbed while rubbing his tears.

By Raheem

The river

“Don’t go playing near the river” my mum had warned me often enough. “It’s dangerous you will get yourself drowned” I still remember when she told me not to play near the level crossing incase I get hit by a train. Of course I was younger then. Emma has blonde hair and Keya her friend has brown hair.

On the weekend I went to the river and met Keya there. The river is mossy, mouldy and smelly. At the river it’s deserted because it’s Christmas day. Keya and me get bored and play athletes. Keya and me fall into the river. We get lonely.

Keya and me try to dig a hole but we can’t so we ty to find a stick. We get out “Phew we never drowned” said Emma. “It’s time for me to go home” said Keya.

Keya and Emma try to go home but they go a different way what’s longer. They start to moan. ” Oh no i’m 1 hour late” said Keya. “Don’t worry” said Emma.

They get home. “I’m not made of money! They were expensive clothes!” mum glared at me suspiciously. Mum was right from the start.

By Megan

Warning Story Hot Task Preview

Coding games on Scratch

Year 5 have been putting their gaming experience to good use by beginning to design and code our own video games on Scratch. Once we have finished coding the games, we are going to upload them onto the Scratch website for everyone to play. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the games.

ICT games

Horrible Histories – Groovy Greeks

We had a fantastic time at The Hexagon on Friday where the Horrible Histories team performed their funny (and a little bit scary!) show all about Ancient Greece.

The Caravan

Year 5 have been using drama to re-enact the key moments in our model text, ‘The Caravan’ by Pie Corbett.

Cold Task

Year 5 have been busy writing their cold task. We shall be learning how to write a warning story!IMG_0104

An introduction to Year 5

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