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Sport’s Day


Wow! What a brilliant Sport’s Day we had this morning! Everyone took part in all the challenges and did really well to support their team! ūüėÄ Here are a few pictures just from my group ūüėÄ

IMG_1480[1] IMG_1485[1] IMG_1488[1] IMG_1502[1]  IMG_1526[1] IMG_1537[1] IMG_1541[1] IMG_1493[1]

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Performing poetry!


Today in Literacy, 2JR worked in their table groups to perform our poem ‘Animal Fair’. They worked really well together and¬†listened to each others ideas which was fantastic to see! ūüėÄ

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Animal Fair!


2JR started our new Literacy text today; ‘Animal Fair’. All the children really impressed me with how fast they learnt¬† the poem and actions! To start off the text with a bit of a bang, the class painted some wonderful pictures and letters to make a¬†fantastic display. They really thought carefully about the colours they were going to use and worked so well together in their table groups. Here are some pictures of the display so far…

IMG_1461[1] IMG_1459[1] IMG_1462[1]

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Road to Rio


To celebrate the up and coming Olympics in Rio, today, year 2 joined together to learn and perform a fantastic Australian dance. All of the children really enjoyed the workshop and were amazing when performing in front of the rest of the school.¬†Brilliant work year 2! ūüôā

IMG_1441[1] IMG_1443[1] IMG_1444[1] IMG_1449[1] IMG_1452[1] IMG_1450[1]

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Africa has half of the worlds jewles  . It is also larger than China , USA, India, Mexico and a big part of Europe combined. Europe and Africa are only separated by 14.3 KM [8.9 ml of ocean and there are talks of creating the longest bridge ever. People in Africa and Asia  have to walk an average of 3.7 miles [6 KM collect water.

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bat bear


bat bear made feds wif my teddies. he set wifme. bat bear wet at wif me.

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nijer    haf    been suching     for    the   gold     ceey    burs

they    wont   their   powers  what   got   lotup  biy   lodgrm

grmd.   Wen  they   get   their   powers  bac   from   lod  grmd

and   batl    with   thers      powers.


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Volcanic eruption


A volcanic eruption is the spurting out of¬† gases and hot lava from an opening in the Earth’s crust. Pressure from deep inside the Earth forces ash, gas and molten rock to the surface.¬†Krakatoa, a volcano¬† in Indonesia erupted in 1883 . Australia heard it because it was so loud.

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The big storm


Once upon a time, a group of tribesmen lived in a village. On one sunny Tuesday, they went out for an adventure. But to their sight, the sky turned grey with clouds and it began to rain. A big storm followed , the men’s ship nearly capsized in the ferocious storm and unfortunately, one of the men fell into the sea! His friends trembled with fear but they took a long rope and threw it to him to get him out of the water. The man got pulled of the sea by his friends into safety . They cheered and sung a joyful song and sailed back home.

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2JR had a wonderful visit from some chicks on Monday to start our new Literacy topic off! We are learning about information texts for the next few weeks. This week, the children learnt and wrote a fantastic information text about chicks! We learnt lots of interesting information and can’t wait to write more about other animals!


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