New Tutorial for Thursday’s Hexagon Performance

Tiff tutorial with music from The Ridgeway Primary School on Vimeo.

Tiffany’s dance demonstration for the Hexagon Performance

IMG 9836 from The Ridgeway Primary School on Vimeo.

Girls football match

Following our brilliant win last term we faced Palmer again this evening for our eagerly anticipated rematch.

We saw super passes, tackles and saves from the girls but went 1-0 down in the first 3rd. In the second Edarabasi managed to equalise with a brilliant goal but in the final 3rd our team were not able to stop an incredible shot on target meaning we lost 2-1.

The team were SO enthusiastic and supportive of one another and we think we now need another rematch to win back the title!!

At the end of the game the teams all shook hands and 3 cheers shouted . Palmer then nominated who they felt was our star player of the match- Charlotte and we then chose one of their players in return.

Well done girls! Great game.


IMG_4559 IMG_4561 IMG_4575 IMG_4578IMG_4577

Football Club


We are really excited to be offering a Football after school club ran by Reading FC after Easter. It will be for years 5 and 6 and run on Mondays. If you are interested in getting one of the limited spaces, please get a letter from the office.

WEC Football Tournament

On Friday we took 2 teams to The Madejski Training Dome for a schools football tournament. The groups did amazingly well; winning some, drawing others and losing 2 within their leagues.

The teams loved wearing their kit and showed fantastic team work throughout the afternoon. Well done!

IMG_2621 IMG_2629 IMG_2637 IMG_2649 IMG_2672 IMG_2690 IMG_2731

Year 3/4 football match with The Palmer Academy

This evening we had our first football match alongside The Palmer Academy. Despite the VERY cold weather and being 3-0 down in the first half, the team did amazingly. They persevered, continuing to work hard as a team and came back to draw 3-3. Unfortunately The Palmer Academy scored within the final few minutes, leaving us with a final result of 4-3. Coach Tia was delighted with their efforts, as was I and we can’t wait to organise more games for the group!

IMG_5314  IMG_5321




IMG_1968 IMG_2023


IMG_2101 IMG_2174


We had lots of fun last week at the Indoor Athletics event at Kendrick School.

The children demonstrated superb levels of sportsmanship; both in their skills during events such as high jump, speed bounce and relays but also in their loyalty to one another, cheering each other on  and being supportive team mates the whole day.

Well done! I am looking forward to more days like this!


Our Year 5 and 6 Football Team

Can you spot any future Martials, Rooneys or Depays amongst these funny faces below?! (Can you tell which team I support?!)

Football club runs on Tuesdays from 3.15-4.15pm for Years 5 and 6, remember guys please no studs on the astro turf!

A BIG warm welcome and thankyou to Mark for offering to coach us 🙂



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