Red Nose Day Fundraising

April 2nd, 2017

The school council planned lots of activities to raise money for Comic Relief this year.

On Red Nose Day everyone was invited to wear red and donate to Comic Relief.   It looked amazing in assembly!

We had a competition to design a new red nose.

Here is one of our winners in the lower school with her entry of Little Red Riding Hood nose.

Last week we held a cake sale and the school council ran stalls to raise more money.

The Red nose Fair took almost £200 – an amazing amount.

We had a “guess how many maltesers are in the jar?” competition.  It can now be revealed that there were 533 maltesers.  Miss Baxter made the closest guess and so wins the whole jar.  Let’s hope she doesn’t eat them all at once!

There was also a competition to guess the teachers from their baby or child photos.  The winner with the most right answers will be announced in assembly to win the large chocolate Easter egg.

Here are the results:

WEC school council

April 2nd, 2017

The year 5 school council reps were lucky to be invited to attend a meeting for all the Whitley schools council members, held at Reading Girls’ School.

We met a local councillor, Ashley Pearce. The reps discussed the following:-

-What do you enjoy most about school and what would you most like to be improved?

-What facilities do you regularly use in the local community and is there anything else you would like to see?

-What do you aim to do in your future adult lives and what help do you think you will need to achieve it?

-Who are your role models and why?

Our reps spoke really clearly and were able to put their points across.
We discussed what we could do to improve our local environment in Whitley. Our reps said that they would like something to be done about dangerous parking, especially around the school entrance. They would also like more provision and activities in local parks for older children.
Both our reps aspire to be business women and their role models are Teresa May and the footballer Ronaldo!

Our trip to the Mayor’s chambers

December 9th, 2016

On Wednesday 23rd November 2016 me,Bryan,Mrs Aslett and Mrs Krzak went on an amazing trip to the Mayor’s chambers. We took a bus to the Oracle and walked the rest of the way. When we got to the Reading Borough Council, we saw many other schools. It was amazing inside, I saw a small, iron dragon and a cool dagger. After looking at everything, everyone sat down in chairs facing the Mayor. We were allowed to ask any questions about his personal life and about how he became the Mayor. Then we walked into a room filled with biscuits and drinks. We looked at the cloak the Mayor had to wear and it was heavy and fluffy. Before we left, the Mayor kindly presented two shining badges to all the children. One of them said ‘Wec school council’ and the other said ‘The Mayor of Reading’s charities.’ Afterwards, we took a bus back to school but we were a bit late. We saw people leaving school and they asked us about the badges we were wearing. I am proud of representing our school.

The Ridgeway School Council 2016-2017

November 23rd, 2016

Our school council consists of two representatives from each class (years 1-6).

The councillors were all elected by members of their classes in October, following their speeches and campaigns.

The school council meets every 2-3 weeks.   Mrs Aslett is the teacher responsible for supporting the school council.

Here are our members: