Wedding bells

On Friday we had a lovely day, we celebrated a “Wedding” in Reception Thames!!

D and K informed me of their plans and the whole class got excited with wedding prep and we agreed it would be “the best wedding yet, a wedding that no-one would ever forget!”.

Children helped to make invitations, we had a bridesmaid, a cake, a feast of food and some beautiful flowers!

Thank you for such a fun day children! There’s never a dull moment in Reception is there?!

Congratulations to the happy couple 🙂


I captured the final moment of the ceremony on the i-pod….

Reception Wedding from The Ridgeway Primary School on Vimeo.

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4 Responses to “Wedding bells”

  1.   Sarah and Rose Says:

    Congratulations on your wedding! It looks like a lovely day. Did you have any special food at the wedding? Was there a party?
    Thank you for sharing such lovely moments.
    Sarah and Rose

  2.   Miss Baxter Says:

    Oh yes Mrs Kettley, we had a very big feast… we had “hot dogs, cake, chocolate, bolognese doughnuts, pizza, froggy bars (?), pasta and lots more!!”
    We all thank you for our very first messsage xx

  3.   Sarah and Rose Says:

    I’m so thrilled you told me more about your special day!!
    Next time you could send Rose and I an invite? We love a good wedding!!
    Love Sarah and Rose

  4.   Sara Wilson Says:

    It looks like everyone had a lovely day and the married couple certainly look very happy. Thank you for sharing part of their special day xx

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