A celebrity endorsement!

How exciting! We have had a professional, celebrity chef visit our blog. He seems very impressed with your baking Miss Baxter’s Class.

8 Responses to “A celebrity endorsement!”

  1.   Mya's mum Says:

    Oh wow! How exciting is this!

  2.   Indi's mum Says:

    Can’t upload pics of Rosie and madam I

    •   jbaxter Says:

      Haha! Feel free to email them to me and I will upload them for you… I’ll give you my address at pick-up time šŸ™‚

  3.   Teresa (Kimberley's mum) Says:

    Wow!! Exciting!! :):):)

  4.   rizana [aiza's mum] Says:

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!! its really superb…~~~~

  5.   Tomke's dad Says:

    I only hope that the children don’t know who Paul Hollywood is šŸ˜‰

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