Learning to tell a story

We now all know the story of The Little Red Hen so well. This week we have been learning how to be a good story teller. Mrs Aslett began telling the story very badly!!! She didn’t look up, she mumbled, she got the story in the wrong order and she made it sound really boring!
Together we worked out all the things we need to do to be a good story-teller, then everyone joined in with Mrs Aslett to tell the story.

This is what we agreed that we needed to do to be a good story-teller:

• Look at your audience
• Use expression – your face and your voice
• Speak clearly
• Make your voice sound exciting
• Use different voices for different characters in the story
• Use actions to help tell the story
• Start at the beginning and tell the story in the right order.
We used our story map to help us to remember the main parts and order of the story.

Can your child tell you the story using our story map?

We hope to video everyone telling the story of the Little Red Hen.  Keep checking the blog to watch it!

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