Welcome to the governors’ webpage!

Every school in the country has to have a governing body. Governors play an important role at The Ridgeway, but you might not know exactly who we are or what we do. We hope this page will help you find out.

Who are The Ridgeway governors?

The Ridgeway currently has nine governors, who meet about once every six weeks. We all have different backgrounds, skills and experience. Some of us are appointed by the Local Authority; others represent staff, parents or the wider community. We’re all volunteers so we don’t get paid.

What we do?

The government says that governing bodies have to do three things. Set the strategic direction for the school: this means we take the big decisions about the sort of school we want The Ridgeway to be. For example, we recently decided that from September 2015 we will have another Reception Class. From time to time we agree new school policies for example about the curriculum or behaviour.

We also were responsible for appointing our new Head, Mrs Cosgrove, after having interviewed her and decided that she was the best person to take forward our vision for the school. Make sure that the school is meeting the needs of the pupils and their families: we monitor what goes on in the school to make sure that it is well run. For example, we look at overall results so we can be sure that all pupils are making good progress in their learning.

We are responsible for ensuring that the school is safe and fulfils other legal requirements. If necessary, it’s out job to encourage the school to improve. Make sure the school manages its finances well: we look at how the school spends its money to check that it is being used in the best interests of pupils. We need to be sure that the school gets value for money and that it doesn’t spend move than it has in the bank.

In short, the governors work alongside the Head and other school leaders to make sure that The Ridgeway is the best school it can be!

What we don’t do.

The governors don’t get involved with the day-to-day running of the school. That’s the job of the staff. We can’t intervene in specific problems or individual cases except in very specific and unusual circumstances, as set out in the schools policies.

How can you find us?

Some of the governors work in the school everyday, but we all visit The Ridgeway every couple of months-if not more often. When non-staff governors visit we wear special badges so you can tell who we are. Whilst we can’t intervene in individual cases, governors are always pleased to hear pupils’ and parents’ general views and ideas about the school. We try to make sure there is at least one governor at every parents evening and we also plan to meet with the school council from time to time.