Vision, Values and Aims

Vision and values Statement

Our vision is to inspire…..
`Learning with passion and curiosity; service to those around us; a future of excitement and fulfilment as we make the most of every opportunity.’

To achieve this vision in spirit and ethos, we aim to:

Nurture and support all pupils in their personal growth and aspirations.
Support pupils in becoming resilient and tolerant members of the community.

To achieve this vision in teaching and learning, we aim to:

Empower pupils to become confident, independent, life-long learners.
Teach with energy and creativity, setting the highest expectations.

To achieve this vision in curriculum, we aim to:

Provide a vibrant and stimulating curriculum that meets the needs of the modern world.

To achieve this vision in our environment, we aim to:

Provide a safe and secure learning space.
Value and preserve our surroundings with pride.
Invest in inspiring resources that will enable pupils to learn effectively with excitement.

To achieve this vision in community and partnership, we aim to:

Value and respect all pupils, staff and parents as individuals who have an important role to play in the success of our community.
Celebrate individuality and diversity in our community; building mutual trust and collaboration.

To achieve this vision in leadership and management, we aim to:

Serve, listen, inspire and motivate.
Support and guide with respect and understanding.
Challenge with integrity and optimism.
Celebrate and appreciate commitment and achievement.

At the Ridgeway, our behaviour policy is an integral part of striving towards this Vision. It is based on mutual respect and consistency and provides a framework for a safe and purposeful community. Our policy can be seen in the information section of the website.